Thought for the Day
      Talent is God-given-----be thankful. Praise is man-given-----be humble. Conceit is self-given------be careful.

      Live Strong with a Foundation of Faith and Go Irish. Coach McKenna
      Irish Nutrition
      Nutrition Tip
      Keep a food journal for a few days, not the volume, calories, protein, or anything like that, just the food that you eat. Most people eat about about ten to twenty foods a week. If your list is like the one below, you are on the right track.
      Eggs, Tuna, Blueberries, Chicken, Grapefruit, Vegetables, Salmon, Oatmeal, Almonds, Apples, Cottage Cheese

      Together lets strive to make good food choices. Coach McKenna

      How important is hydration?
      Dehydration as little as 1%of body weight can cause a decrease in performance. Athletes need a minimum of 2-3 quarts of fluid each day to stay properly hydrated.
      Helpful Guidelines --------   2 hours prior to exercise 16oz---15 minutes prior 4-8 oz---during workouts 6-12 oz every 15 minutes---post workout 16-34 oz for every pound lost. Avoid fluids with high caffeine content.
      Inventor of the Bars
      Jessie Hoagland is the inventor and manufacture of several bars used at the Notre Dame Athletic Performance Center. The Safety Squat Bar, the U Bar, the Close Grip Bar, the Log Press Bar, the Shoulder Press Bar, and the Hammer Curl Bar are shown in the pictures. Coach McKenna has always said that the benefits of the bars ate unbelievable and give the Notre Dame Athletes a substantial edge on the playing field. The friendship and knowledge that Jessie brings to us makes us proud to call him part of our family.
      John McKenna CSC Athletic Performance Director

      John McKenna is in his 16th season as Athletic Performance Director and Assistant Football Coach at Notre Dame High School, and has been a strength coach and football coach for over 32 years. Coach McKenna was the first strength coach inducted into the New Jersey Coaches Hall of Fame and just recently was honored by the National Football Foundation for his Contribution to Amateur Athletics. Coach had received honors from the New Jersey National Guard and Trenton Fire Department for his service to these organizations. Coach also is the moderator for Notre Dames Catholic Athletes for Christ. Coach resides in Yardville with his wife of 38 years Charyl , has three daughters, a son, and 9 grandchildren. The weight room is a place where people of character go to push themselves past their limits.The variety of equipment from free weights, hammer strength ground base equipment, kettle bells, sandbags, sleds, strongman equipment,boxing equipment,flex bands, and cardio equipment gives every person entering the weight room an opportunity to achieve their fitness and life goals. Coach bases everything off this saying: Strong Mind-Strong Body-Strong Faith=Strong Life.

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      Congratulations Coach McKenna!
      Coach John McKenna was presented the State of New Jersey Civilian Commendation Medal. Coach McKenna adopted Task Force Trenton and trained their members during their ready year. The results of coach's expertise and knowledge has enabled soldiers to be more physically fit and mentally aware for their deployment. His award was signed by Brigadier General Michael L. Cunniff, The Adjutant General.

      Program Notes
      Spring Off Season and In-Seasond Information fo Coaches, Athletes, and Parents

      Holiday Hours
      Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week normal hours.
      Thursday 6 am to 1 pm. The room will be closed Thursday Night.
      Friday. Closed All Day
      Saturday. Open 7 am to 11 am
      Monday April 21st Open 7 am to 11 am
      Tuesday April 22nd Open 6 am to 10 am and 5 pm to 7 pm
      Wednesday April 23rd 7 am to 11 am
      Thursday April 24th Back to Normal Hours.
      Coach McKenna

      245 pm- Track
      3 pm Throwers Females
      3 pm Off Season Male Lift
      245 pm Track
      3 pm Throwers Males
      315 pm off Season Female Lift
      245 pm Track
      3 pm Throwers Female
      3 pm Off Season Male Lift
      245 pm Track
      3 pm Throwers Male
      315 pm Female Off Season Lift
      3 pm All Throwers
      3 pm Heavy Bag Work(First 20 Athletes)
      Farm Boy Strength Day for All Male and Female Off Season Athletes
      Saturday- The gym is open 7 am to 1130 am. There is a movement and agility session at 9 am
      In Season Coaches the 430 to 530 pm spots are there for you please schedule with me, also remember on bad weather days if you need to be creative just call me and we can work anything out.Remember it's my job to keep our athletes in shape, get them stronger and faster, but the most important thing is to keep them on the field.
      Off Season Coaches Games for your season are won now as together we lay the foundation. We are willing to do what ever it takes to help you build that foundation.
      If you ever need me either e mail me or call school 609 882 7900 ex 115. My cell is 609 209 7739
      Strong Body-Strong Mind-Strong Faith=Strong Life

      Notre Dame High School  22 Sports------(1) One Team

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