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eSports Team Bringing Home Wins

eSports Team Bringing Home Wins

eSports are gaining immense popularity, with the Network of Academic and Scholastic eSports Federations having 3,500 clubs in the U.S. and members in 70 countries. Notre Dame is actively and successfully participating in this growing program. Some colleges even offer scholarships for students majoring in STEM subjects who want to pursue competitive gaming.

The scholastic sector of esports is thriving, thanks to the accessibility; despite some skepticism about the academic value of games like Super Smash Bros. or Brawlhalla, the growth of scholastic esports demonstrates its inclusive nature and the social-emotional learning opportunities it provides.

Notre Dame's eSports Club, moderated by Mr. James Gibilisco, recently made its mark on the competitive esports scene by participating in the following competitions.

Mario Kart 8— Placed 2nd overall, qualifying for the Online Nationals from May 30 to June 2, 2024. The students were Sonal DeSilva '24, Max Whittle '25, Zach Malus '26, and Simeon Salins '27.

Splatoon 3—Placed 4th overall, qualifying for the Online Nationals from May 30 to June 2, 2024. The students were Clayton Kulessa '24, Max Corallo '24, Andrew Malham '26, and Thomas Italia '27.

Brawlhalla—Jordan Dillard and Jean Lotin played in the Eastern Conference against 233 participants. Jordan placed 2nd overall, and Jean placed 3rd overall. They lost in the Wild Card round of Nationals.

Beyond high school, esports are a big deal at colleges and universities. Some have competitive teams and academic majors in esports, business management, communications, and media and design. Mr. Gibilisco looks forward to growing the club and its teams in the coming years.

ND Honors 2024 Retirees

Notre Dame faculty and staff gathered at Cobblestone Creek Country Club on June 13 to honor this year's retirees.

Underclassman Awards Ceremony

Underclassmen Academic Awards Ceremony was held on June 10 to recognize our Freshman, Sophomore and Junior students who have excelled academically in the 2nd semester.

Notre Dame Boys and Girls wearing college shirts with new logos.

Notre Dame High School celebrates its 64th Annual Commencement Ceremony, where students who have consistently demonstrated exceptional commitment to our mercy core values and education, resilience, and a thirst for knowledge will be honored. These qualities have allowed them to excel in various academic, artistic, service, and athletic pursuits.

Senior Awards Ceremony 2024

Members of the Class of 2024 received the following awards on Senior Awards night, Thursday, May 30. Congratulations to all!