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ND Honors 2024 Retirees

ND Honors 2024 Retirees

Notre Dame faculty and staff gathered at Cobblestone Creek Country Club on June 13 to honor this year's retirees. Each year as we celebrate our retirees, we become aware of a common thread that unites these individuals: their love for Notre Dame and our students, as well as their many years of dedicated service. This year is no different.

Mr. Greg Schafer retires after 44 years in the Math and Physical Education Department. Mrs. Judy Rynkewicz retires after 17 years in the Communications Office. Mrs. Nancy Tamasi retires after 30 years in The Arts Department.

Our retirees have devoted more than 90 years of service to Notre Dame High School! We are eternally grateful and wish them all the best in their well-deserved retirements.

We also want to send our congratulations to our ESCNJ friends, Nurse Jill Gordon and Mr. Rich Grillo, who are also retiring.

ND Honors 2024 Retirees

Notre Dame faculty and staff gathered at Cobblestone Creek Country Club on June 13 to honor this year's retirees.

Underclassman Awards Ceremony

Underclassmen Academic Awards Ceremony was held on June 10 to recognize our Freshman, Sophomore and Junior students who have excelled academically in the 2nd semester.

Notre Dame Boys and Girls wearing college shirts with new logos.

Notre Dame High School celebrates its 64th Annual Commencement Ceremony, where students who have consistently demonstrated exceptional commitment to our mercy core values and education, resilience, and a thirst for knowledge will be honored. These qualities have allowed them to excel in various academic, artistic, service, and athletic pursuits.