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Underclassman Awards Ceremony

Underclassman Awards Ceremony

Notre Dame’s Underclassman Awards Ceremony was held on Thursday, February 22. Mr. Nate Webber, Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Instruction, recognized our Freshmen, Sophomore and Junior students who have excelled academically in the 1st semester. Chase Burrows, Student Government President, led us in prayer to begin the ceremony. Interim Principal Martinez closed the ceremony with words of praise for all the students. We are Irish Proud of their hard work and dedication.

Please see the list of awards below.

The Social Studies Department

World History - Nyrah Jacobs, Sawyer Kinney, Stella McKeon

Honors World History - Sarah Sienicki

Introduction to Sociology and Psychology - Riley Cunningham

United States History I - Isabella Devine, James Falcone, Callie Okamura

Honors / Pre-AP United States History I - Simone Pettit

United States History II - Isabella Diaz, Amanda Fabian, Alessandra Santoro

Honors United States History II - Michael Busa, Eduardo Encarnacion

Advanced Placement European History - Jack Kydonieus

Advanced Placement Microeconomics - Noelle Go

Advanced Placement Modern World History - Sofia Kydonieus

Advanced Placement Psychology - Mia Haddock

Advanced Placement United States History - Elizabeth Achtau


The Arts Department

3D Design / Ceramics - Ashley Bien, Matthew Stackhouse, Rosemary Stout, Joscelyn Tipton

Art 1 - Jiya Parasher

Illustration, Concept Art and Character Design 1 - Willow Paterson

Illustration, Concept Art and Character Design 2 - Matthew Ryba

Advanced Placement Drawing - Ava Stazzone

Film Production - Ameir Barlow

Chamber Orchestra - Max Whittle

String Ensemble - Sarah Cain

Jazz Band - Madison Balaam

Concert Band - Sawyer Kinney

Show Choir - Olivia Blount

Dance - Isabella Odina

Intermediate Dance - Kara Lushbaugh

Dance Performance - Molly Rovner


The Mathematics and Business Department

Algebra I - Dorine Florestal

Honors Algebra I - Zoie Layaguin, Victoria Suschke

Algebra II - Mia DiBari, Rocco Valentino

Honors Algebra II - Olive Foley

Advanced Algebra - Jake Reinstein

Geometry - Sebastian Molina

Honors Geometry - Patrick Collins

Pre-Calculus - Sara Farnan

Honors Pre-Calculus - Sawyer Kinney

Computer Science - Joshua Sandoval

Advanced Placement Computer Science - Tarun Kovoor

Honors Accounting - Wyatt Moore

AMC 10 -  American Mathematics Competition: Top Scorer - Shaun Appert, Victoria Suschke

AMC 12 - American Mathematics Competition: Top Scorer - Michael Busa


The English Department

Creative Writing - Rebecca Method

English 1 - Gianna Kennedy, Zoie Layaguin, Hailey O'Connell, Genevieve Onzik, Aayan Uppal

Honors English 1 - Thomas Italia

English 2 - Isabella Devine, Isabella Dworak, Maya Foley, Amirah Glanton, Jiya Parasher, Caitlin Stubbs, Colin Tash

Honors English 2 - Olive Foley, Mary Kerwick, Dana Santos

English 3 - Michael Delate, Isabella Diaz, Amanda Fabian, Catherine Goodwin, Margaret Harding

Honors English 3 - Kiera Donegan, Amelia Smith

Film Studies - Mia Rosati

Public Speaking - Sophie Antoun, Luigi Barricelli, Kara Lushbaugh, Isabella Mays, Delanie Meszaros

Public Speaking 2 - Rebecca Guglielmo

Journalism 1 - Charles Schurr

Journalism 2 - Ella Richardson


The Physical Education Department

Drivers Education - Anthony Briggs, Amirah Glanton, Grace Hempsell, Jamison Tormey

First Aid - Maia Cinca, Grace Koziol

Physical Education - Ava Barone, Carter Hillsdon, William Lynch, Riley Miracola, Michael Pinto, Tyler Stefanisko, Marco Valerio


The Religion Department

Religion 1 - Sophia Belfort-Mihalyi, Katelyn Brown, Sarah Sienicki, Aayan Uppal

Religion 2 - Jennifer Borowick, Olive Foley, Makensie Meszaros, Megan Starke

Religion 3 - Michael Busa, Diego Nunez-Castaneda, Kai Ra, Ava Stazzone

Peer Leadership - Shaun Appert, Simone Pettit


The Science Department

Biology - Maia Cinca, Elizabeth Gaffney, Ryan Rego-Kvarta, Payton White

Honors Biology - Adrianna Caliendo

Advanced Placement Biology - Eduardo Encarnacion, Christopher Valentino

Chemistry - Mary Kerwick, Ashton Robbins, Madeline Schmid

Honors Chemistry - Emily Deussing, Jeremy Varghese

Advanced Placement Chemistry - Michael Busa

STEM - Sophia Belfort-Mihalyi, Valerie Cordero-Beckert, Dorine Florestal, Aayan Uppal

Honors STEM  - Willow Paterson


The World Language Department

French 1 - Dorine Florestal

Honors French 3 - Nolan Schmitz

Latin 2 - Molly Rovner

Honors Latin 2 - Emily Deussing

Spanish 1 - Isabella Mays, Richard Polgar

Spanish 2 - Damian Hamm, Hailey Krone, Ashton Robbins

Spanish 3 - Olivia Borrero

Honors Spanish 3 - Patrick Collins

Honors Spanish 4 - Angela Lansang, Lianna Lo

Italian 1 - Thomas Italia, Simone Pettit

Italian 2 - Isabella Daley, Kara Lushbaugh

College Athlete Recognition Day

Twenty-one talented student-athletes were honored on Notre Dame's College Athlete Recognition Day. On April 17, Athletic Director Mr. Nate Webber, recognized our athletes' many honors in front of their families, administration, teachers and peers. Congratulations Irish, we wish you the best of luck in college and beyond!

Winter Sports Coaches' Awards

Congratulations to our Notre Dame athletes on a successful winter season, especially those listed below who received Coaches' Awards and acknowledgments in their sport. We are Irish Proud!

 Holy Week Liturgy and Confirmation

The Notre Dame community gathered for our school-wide Monthly Liturgy on March 27 celebrating Holy Week. Our Chaplain, Fr. Jason Parzynski was the celebrant. This liturgy was special as we were able to witness nine students receive their Sacraments of Initiation into the Catholic Faith. We are grateful that they chose to continue their faith-filled journey as candidates in Notre Dame’s RCIA program.

The Word is Grease was a Hit!

Under the direction of Artistic and Music Director Louis Gibilisco, Notre Dame High School Performing Arts students wowed audiences yet again with their take on the acclaimed classic Grease.