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Academic Support

Academic Support for Students with Learning Challenges

Notre Dame “is dedicated to educating young women and men to realize their full potential…” That is in our mission statement, and that is what we seek to do. Some students need extra support in order to reach their potential. With the help of the Learning Needs Coordinator, the Guidance Counselors, and the teachers, Notre Dame will work with students and their parents to make reasonable accommodations for each student’s individual learning difference.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Accommodations on the Placement Test

    Can my child have extended time on the placement test? When will the students in the extended time room be finished testing? What if my child needs other accommodations on the test? These and other questions about Notre Dame's placement test are on this flier.

  • Request for Learning Needs Records

    Use this form to arrange for your child's school to forward special services records to Notre Dame to be included in the admissions file. These records will not automatically be sent from a school along with the regular school records. You have to specifically request that they be sent.


Kathleen Stueber

Learning Needs Coordinator

Helpful Links

  • Online Resource for Learning Challenges

    LD Online offers lots of information about living with a learning disability and raising a child with learning challenges.

  • Whoopi Goldberg speaks about growing up with Learning Challenges

    Students with learning differences can grow up to be successful. Whoopi Goldberg offers insight and advice for parents.

  • Quotes from Celebrities with Learning Differences

    Look at this slide show to see who these celebrities credit with helping them deal with learning differences as they were growing up.

  • Admissions Page

    Information about how to apply to Notre Dame can be found on the Admissions page.

  • SAT Testing with Accommodations

    This link will take you to College Board's website where you can find information about how a student accesses test accommodations on the SAT, PSAT, and AP exams. College Board's review process can take up to seven weeks. A student should apply as early as possible, even in freshman year. Read the website, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Kathy Stueber or your child's counselor.

  • ACT Testing with Accommodations

    ACT has a different application procedure from the process that College Board follows. Having accommodations on the SAT does not guarantee that a student will be given the same accommodations on the ACT. The application for accommodations on the ACT cannot be submitted until the student registers for a specific ACT test date. This usually happens in the student's junior year. The application review process can take a few months. Look at ACT's webpage, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Kathy Stueber or your child's counselor.