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Academic Support for Students with Learning Challenges

Notre Dame “is dedicated to educating young women and men to realize their full potential…” That is in our mission statement, and that is what we seek to do. Some students need extra support in order to reach their potential. With the help of the Learning Needs Coordinator, the Guidance Counselors, and the teachers, Notre Dame will work with students and their parents to make reasonable accommodations for each student’s individual learning difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q. How can I get in touch with the Academic Support teachers?

    The Academic Support teachers work for Middlesex Regional Educational Services Commission.  They all have Notre Dame email addresses that are listed below:
    Mr. Joe O'Donnell
    Mr. Rich Grillo
    Mrs. Jan Mazzeo
    Mrs. Barbara Avella
  • Q. What accommodations can Notre Dame make for my child?

    Notre Dame is a college preparatory high school.  We offer a challenging academic environment, but we are respectful of varying learning styles and needs.  We will review all documentation sent to us to determine what specific accommodations are needed by individual students.  Typically, we can accommodate 50% extended time on tests, quizzes, and exams.  We also support preferential seating.  Notre Dame is a BYOD school, so students can use their devices to take notes and work on their assignments.  Spell check and grammar check are part of most devices.  Many teachers post their PowerPoint presentations online, and many teachers also post their lectures online. 
  • Q. Will you accept my child's IEP, 504 Plan, or Service Plan?

    Notre Dame recognizes that not all students learn in the same way.  Some students have specific learning challenges.  We will review public school IEPs, private school Service Plans, and 504 Plans from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and other states, and we will work with you to determine how the educational needs of your child will be met at Notre Dame. 
  • Q. How does Notre Dame review my child in the admission process if the placement scores are not high?

    We realize that not all students can score well on standardized tests.  We take into account a student's backup testing from his or her previous school.  We look at grades from the past 3 years and teacher recommendations.  We interview the student and the parents.  If a student submits documentation such as an IEP, 504 Plan, or private testing, this is also considered during the admission process.  Our goal is to ensure that each student we accept has the best chance to be successful at Notre Dame.
  • Q. What kind of exceptionalities can Notre Dame accommodate?

    Notre Dame expects our students to achieve in our rigorous, college preparatory environment.  We expect all of our students to attend college.  With that being said, we do know that some students struggle with learning challenges.  We have had experience with students with a variety of learning differences including specific learning disabilities, ADD, physical disabilities, and Autism.
  • Q. How do I arrange for my child to have extra time on the placement test?

    Students who have current Service Plans, IEPs, or 504 Plans can usually have the accommodations listed in the formal plan.  A copy of the most recent plan should be forwarded to Kathy Stueber for review.  Ms. Stueber is the Learning Needs Coordinator at Notre Dame High School.  Records can be mailed to her at Notre Dame High School, 601 Lawrence Road, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648.  Records can also be faxed to 609.882.6599 or scanned to  You will find a form below that you can give to your child's current school which allows them to forward special education records for you. 
  • Q. How can I get more information about learning needs at Notre Dame?

    There is a flyer below that contains more information about how Notre Dame works with students who have learning challenges.  Feel free to contact Kathy Stueber, the Learning Needs Coordinator, if you have questions or concerns.


  • Accommodations on the Placement Test
    Can my child have extended time on the placement test? When will the students in the extended time room be finished testing? What if my child needs other accommodations on the test?  These and other questions about Notre Dame's placement test are on this flier.
  • Request for Learning Needs Records
    Use this form to arrange for your child's school to forward special services records to Notre Dame to be included in the admissions file. These records will not automatically be sent from a school along with the regular school records. You have to specifically request that they be sent.


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    Kathleen Stueber 

    Learning Needs Coordinator
    609-882-7900, ext. 109

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