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98% of the Class of 2020 were placed in competitive universities such as, Columbia University, Princeton University, The United States Military Academy at West Point, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, New York University, and Boston College.

College and School Counseling at ND

The College and School Counseling Office at Notre Dame High School in New Jersey is designed to service the needs of all students in academic, personal, social, career and college areas. During the course of the academic year, each counselor is expected to meet with a student at least once in order to get to know the individual student as well as to discuss short term and long term goals. The reality is that most students meet with their counselor several times during the year.

In the first semester, counselors will focus on the freshmen and transfer students who are making a transition to a new environment as well as providing assistance to seniors in their college search. In the second semester, sophomores and juniors are helped to explore academic choices and to start the students thinking about life after high school.

A student or parent may request a meeting with a counselor anytime throughout the school year. All the student has to do is to stop by the guidance office and put his or her name on the sign up sheet outside the counselor's door. An appointment slip will be sent to the student within a day or two.

Parents may call the counselor to request an appointment for themselves or to ask the counselor to meet with their child. Email is a great way to contact your child's counselor to ask questions or to set up an appointment. The counselors' phone extensions and email addresses are listed on the right of the screen.

We all look forward to a busy and productive year!

Julie Kopchik, ND Mathematics Teacher

"The students here are held to a higher standard, and they are getting prepared for some really prestigious colleges and universities."

ND Counselors

List of 8 members.

  • Photo of Susan McCullion

    Susan McCullion 

    Director of Office of College and School Counseling
    609-882-7900, ext. 138
  • Photo of Deborah Chiarello

    Deborah Chiarello 

    Substitute Coordinator/Administrative Assistant
  • Photo of Sean Clancy

    Sean Clancy 

    College and School Counselor
    609-882-7900, ext. 160
  • Photo of Kevin Deal

    Kevin Deal 

    College and School Counselor
    609 882-7900, ext. 148
  • Photo of Amelia Kimtis

    Amelia Kimtis 

    Administrative Assistant
    609-882-7900, ext. 133
  • Photo of Rebecca Magro

    Rebecca Magro 

    College and School Counselor
    609-882-7900, ext.135
  • Photo of Rose Stevenson

    Rose Stevenson 

    College and School Counselor
    609-882-7900, ext. 100
  • Photo of Kathleen Stueber

    Kathleen Stueber 

    Learning Needs Coordinator
    609-882-7900, ext. 109

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Located on 100 beautiful acres in Central New Jersey, Notre Dame High School, founded in 1957, is a college preparatory school for grades 9 - 12, preparing young men and women for lives of purpose, built upon a foundation of Catholic faith, with a commitment to academics, co-curricular activities and service to others.