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Teaching students to love God and serve others is the foundation of the religion curriculum and service program at Notre Dame High School.  As a Catholic school, faith and service illuminate everything we do. Students learn to critically think about their faith and how it informs the world around them.  They begin their spiritual journey with the story of salvation history and their place in it. Scripture becomes a living, vibrant entity, which they learn to apply to their lives in a meaningful way.  The Church’s liturgy, celebrated through prayer, reflection and worship, is a major theme in their Sophomore year course work. In their junior year, personal integrity and social consciousness is developed through a mature knowledge of Gospel values, Catholic social teaching, and moral decision making.  Global citizenship and solidarity are fostered in students through an increased understanding of various faith traditions in their senior year. Senior students also explore how God is uniquely calling each of them to live out a life of holiness. Student leaders are further developed and empowered through offerings such as honors service, peer leadership, and philosophy.

An atmosphere of love and service permeates the halls of Notre Dame High School where all students come to recognize the face of Jesus in those they serve. On every level, service opportunities utilize the gifts and talents of each student as they work to build the Kingdom of God. Every student is required to do a minimum number of service hours for his or her grade level. Clubs and classes are encouraged to initiate their own service projects.  Any student on any level can also take advantage of our Student Initiated Service Project in which they can work under the supervision of a teacher mentor, to propose, plan, and facilitate their own service project to benefit the larger community.

Our ICAN Program (Inter Community Action Network) offers our Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors the opportunity to serve the community through various non-profit programs.  Working with our Service Learning Coordinator, the Honors Service Classes create many service opportunities for Notre Dame students. Students in these courses serve as catalysts for food drives, holiday parties, and myriad events for low-income children, the disabled, and the elderly. Those seniors who wish to continue their leadership role in service in their Spring semester can take part in a Service Practicum in which they can help the service coordinator mentor the Junior students and create and facilitate a service project of their own.  

Catherine Sewnig

Department Chairperson

Christina Ashmen


Melissa Dayton

Matthew Greeley

Campus Minister/Faculty

Eileen Hart

Ellieen Ingbritsen

Service Learning & Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator

Katherine Maley

Campus Minister/Faculty

Tracey Reed

Assistant Administrator for Catholic Mission

William Rowland