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Notre Dame High School offers a cohesive science program with courses offered on all academic levels. All students begin their science education with Integrated Science: a STEM approach,  on either the CP or Honors level. The overarching goal of the Integrated Science course is to provide a foundation that will allow all students to achieve greater success in all levels and disciplines of science. This course, designed by both the science and the math department, allows students to experience authentic science in a format that introduces and cultivates a competency in problem solving skills as well as an appreciation for the problem solving techniques and methods that are the hallmark of STEM fields and careers.  The concepts and skills introduced in the daily classroom environment become the intellectual toolbox they will carry with them throughout the remainder of their academic career allowing them to achieve greater success in their future science and math classes here and in college.

After their experience with the STEM program, students can plan for a course of study that includes Chemistry, Biology, and Physics at varying levels, including Honors and Advanced Placement. They are also offered the opportunity to opt for special interests such as AP Environmental Science, Anatomy and Physiology, Exercise Physiology, Robotics or a Science-centered, mentored Senior Project.

Throughout their science education at Notre Dame High School, students are supported with opportunities to see and experience the integration of the many disciplines of science with the technology around them. This allows Notre Dame students to advance into their college career as scientific thinkers versus students that simply completed science classes.

Hope Bauch

Department Chairperson

Brian Bridgewater


Jennifer Hubert


Edward O'Byrne


Sean O'Malley

Jack Suss