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Honor Societies and Honor Rolls

Notre Dame Honor Roll & Honor Roll of Distinction

Honor Roll of Distinction is determined by grades at or above a 93 for each subject in a grading period. Honor Roll is determined by grades at or above an 88 for each subject in a grading period. The Grade Point Average (GPA) factor (+3 for Honors, +5 for AP) will be used to determine eligibility for Honor Roll of Distinction and Honor Roll.

Honor Roll Spring 2024

Honor Roll of Distinction Spring 2024

National Honor Society

Membership Requirements

Requirements for membership have been established in compliance with Article IX of the National Honor Society Constitution. Students who meet the GPA and course requirements below are invited to apply during the fall. A five member faculty council is appointed annually by the Principal to review the applications and admit students to the NHS and to ensure that students maintain the required standards after induction.

  1. Juniors and seniors who possess and maintain a cumulative GPA of 93 or higher are academically eligible.
  2. Students who wish to be considered for NHS membership and maintain membership must take one Honors or AP course during their sophomore year and two honors or AP courses during each of their junior and senior years.
  3. Candidates must have completed a minimum of 30 service hours for their previous school year as indicated on their prior year's report card.
  4. Applicants must complete an application form including service, character and leadership forms. All examples of leadership must be from the prior or current academic year.
  5. Students who meet the above requirements are invited to apply for membership and their applications are evaluated by a Faculty Committee selected by the Principal.

Parents and students should refer to the Notre Dame Handbook for further information regarding entrance requirements and responsibilities of NHS members.


World Language Honor Societies

Membership Requirements

The Language Honor Societies recognize and honor students who demonstrate outstanding scholarship and dedication to the study of world languages. Membership in a Language Honor Society is a privilege earned through hard work and perseverance. To be eligible for induction into a Language Honor Society a student must meet the following criteria:

  1. A student must have completed Levels I and II of the target language and must have obtained a final grade of 93 or above in both levels.
  2. A student will be given credit for a grade obtained in a language course (Level I or II) prior to attending NDHS, only if the grade and course content can be verified and/or is documented.
  3. A student transferring to NDHS must complete one semester of the language at NDHS before they can be considered for membership in a Language Honor Society regardless of the level of the language they placed into when being admitted to NDHS.
  4. Membership in a Language Honor Society is restricted to those pursuing the study of a language beyond the basic levels required for graduation. At the time of selection the student must have completed or be currently taking the Level III course of the language, while maintaining a 93 or higher average. If the student has taken or is taking the Level III Honors course, the student must have earned or currently maintain a 90+ average in the course. (Note: Exceptions to this rule may be made by the World Language Department Chairperson when the third year of the language is not available.)
  5. Induction into the Language Honor Societies will take place during the Spring semester.