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Scholastic Pathways

Academic Concentrations

Notre Dame High School is proud to offer four academic concentrations of study. Concentrations are used to customize, focus, and enhance your high school learning experience. Students in grades 10 through 12 interested in pursuing a concentration should complete an application, which will be submitted to their College and School Counselor. 

The four areas of concentrations are Communications, Applied Science, International Business or PreLaw. Coursework will total no less than 40 credits with a minimum passing grade of 80% in each course. Students may complete one concentration during their tenure at Notre Dame High School.


Advanced Placement

Notre Dame High School stresses preparation for college with a challenging curriculum for all students. Our curriculum includes Advanced Placement courses and  honors classes. These ever expanding Advanced Placement programs and honors courses span all departments offering a variety of subjects designed to provide a rigorous academic experience to all students. Courses are rooted in the basics, yet incorporate progressive teaching strategies. All Notre Dame students are encouraged to challenge themselves academically. Students are supported through instructional approaches which help address varied learning styles. Notre Dame students take academic risks and are taught to become independent learners.

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College Partnerships

Notre Dame High School has partnered with a number of colleges and universities which enables our students to earn college credit while completing their high school requirements. This paradigm gives our students an academic and financial edge when applying to colleges and universities.

Blended Learning

Notre Dame High School offers a variety of blended courses. Blended courses consist of both online independent learning and supplemental classroom instruction. These classes meet the needs of those students looking to advance academically. Additionally, Notre Dame will assist students looking to enhance their academic profile through online learning.