The Arts at ND

Film Gallery

Notre Dame offers Film Production courses. Students study the Five Stages of Film Production: Development, pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution. During the stage of development students learn the skills of understanding audience, genre study, script writing and formatting, pitching treatments and budget projection. Pre-production is the acquisition of cast and crew, equipment, locations, the designing of props and costumes, and the scheduling of people and resources. Most of the creative work of lighting, framing, acting, and directing takes place during production. The skills of editing and sound mixing are the fundamentals of post-production. Students format and upload their final projects, while also planning to market and screen them in the distribution stage. Please take a few minutes to check out our latest projects! For questions or comments please contact the film teacher Mrs. Milecki at

Notre Dame High School

Located on 100 beautiful acres in Central New Jersey, Notre Dame High School, founded in 1957, is a college preparatory school for grades 9 - 12, preparing young men and women for lives of purpose, built upon a foundation of Catholic faith, with a commitment to academics, co-curricular activities and service to others.