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Fine Arts Gallery

Graphic Design

During Graphic Design, students are introduced to industry standard programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Students are urged to think like designers and are introduced to topics in design such as: the elements and principles of art and design, color theory and typography. Projects and topics of study include: photo manipulation, photo retouching, logo design, poster design and t-shirt design.

2D Art Courses


Ceramics is a 3-D art form using clay. The contents of these courses include: basic hand building techniques (pinch, oil, drape, slab and press), color slips, glazing and decorating techniques. Courses will involve basic techniques for wheel throwing ceramic pieces, advanced glazing and decorating techniques, glaze preparation, stacking and firing kilns and preparing for art shows.

Spring 2021 Visual Arts Show

Etc. Magazine 2021