The Experior Program

The Experior Program

Experior (x-peer-e-or) v. Latin. do, try, experience.

The Experior Program offers two options that encourage students to continue learning outside of the traditional classroom.

The Independent Research Project (IRP) is an experience-based, customizable learning opportunity offered to Juniors and Seniors. It is worth 2.5 credits and has flexible placement during a single school semester, across an entire school year, or in the summer. The IRP is a 1:1 learner-led program in which a teacher/mentor and a student explore an area of interest selected by the student. Under the direction of the mentor, the student studies the selected research area, visits sites related to the subject, completes original research through projects or experimentation, and speaks with professionals in the field. It is a unique opportunity for students to guide their own learning simply by following their passion. This initiative results in student personal growth as well as provides experience worthy of reflection in college essays and interviews.

List of Sample Projects:
• 100 Days of Poetry: Poetry in Practice
• Careers for the Math-Minded
• Project Green: The Journey Towards a More Sustainable School and World
• Effects of High Protein Diet on Muscle Growth
• September 11th/Pearl Harbor: A Comparative Study
• A Comparison of Violence in Scripture to Modern Day Terrorism
• The Influence of Skateboarding on Music, Fashion and Culture
• The Influence of Technology and Photography on Modern American Art
• Realizing Profit in the U.S. Stock Market
• Experiencing the Major World Religions
• The Beatles Influence on Music
• A Study in Contrasting Hispanic Cultures

The Senior Internship

Seniors have the opportunity to explore future career paths by completing a professional internship. An internship is worth 2.5 credits and is completed in a single school semester, or over the summer. A student must reach 60 on-site hours to complete the internship. Those who apply and are accepted may complete an internship in a school professional environment during the school day, or at an offsite location after school hours or during the summer.

Sample School-Office Internships

• Communications Office
• Advancement Office
• Christian Service Office
• Athletic Director’s Office
• Athletic Training Office
• Enrollment Management Office
• Technology Office

Sample Offsite Internships

• Legal
• Medical
• Architecture
• Real Estate
• Elementary Education
• Veterinary Medicine
• General Contracting

Senior Interns Symposium

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