Notre Dame Career Bank

Notre Dame Career Bank

Through Notre Dame’s Experior Program, students are encouraged to continue their learning outside the traditional classroom setting. We are looking for alumni who are interested in sharing career advice and expertise with our students. If you are enjoying success in your career and would like to participate in the professional development of our students, we invite you to join the Notre Dame High School Career Bank. You will make wonderful connections with fellow alumni, and your involvement will have an impact that lasts a lifetime!

Career Bank Opportunities

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  • Guest Speaker

    Classroom instruction is enhanced when students come face-to-face with professionals in a field related to their current studies. Your participation provides a wonderful opportunity throughout the academic year for our students to learn more about potential career interests and allows them to meet and develop connections with our alumni and others in the Notre Dame family. We will work with faculty to match you with courses or groups where your relevant, real-life experiences can enrich their instruction and educational objectives. We can even arrange to Skype with alumni who are out of the area.
  • Independent Research Project Evaluator

    Notre Dame Juniors and Seniors can elect to complete an Independent Research Project (IRP). The IRP is a 1:1 learner-led program in which a teacher and a student explore an area of interest selected by the student. They study their selected research area, visit sites related to the subject, complete original research through projects or experimentation, and speak with professionals in the field. It is a unique opportunity for students to guide their own learning by following their passion. Volunteers are needed to evaluate students’ end-of-semester IRP presentation.
  • Senior Internship Advisor

    Seniors have an opportunity to explore future career paths by completing a professional internship within the high school or at an off-site location. Students must complete 60 hours of study in a single semester and deliver a summary of their work experience. Students have had off-site internships at elementary schools, construction offices and small businesses. Volunteers are needed to be off-site Internship Advisors, providing a meaningful program of experiences that offer a realistic perspective in the student’s area of interest.

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