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About the Athletic Hall of Fame

"Hail to thee, dear Notre Dame......"

The Athletic Hall of Fame exemplifies the rich tradition of Notre Dame athletics each Fall. The celebratory Mass, Awards Dinner and Induction Ceremony honor individual athletes, legendary coaches, special contributors, and outstanding teams who have made us proud through the years while displaying their dedication, spirit, and athletic talents on the courts and fields.

When the doors opened at Notre Dame in 1957, Msgr. William Capik served as the school's first Athletic Moderator and William "Doc" Creamer the school's first Athletic Director. Soon to follow were Vince Ardery, Barb Major, John Simone and Richard Roche to continue to build the strong tradition of excellence with successful programs, which helped shape the lives of our student-athletes.

We welcome you to be a part of this tradition. Take the trip down memory lane with our athletes as we honor those who wore the blue and white. The Hall of Fame's list of great athletic talents is long and continues to grow. Each celebration promises to be an exciting athletic reunion for past Notre Dame athletes and faculty alike.   ".....for the glory of Notre Dame!"

Athletic Hall of Fame 2020

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Selection Criteria

List of 3 items.

  • Athlete

    • Eligibility begins the 7th year after the nominee graduates from Notre Dame
    • Based on the athletic accomplishments that positively impacted the Notre Dame High School Community
    • Must have earned at least one varsity letter at Notre Dame and excelled in at least one sport
  • Coach

    • Eligibility begins the 2nd year after retiring from coaching
    • A minimum of 5 years of coaching service at Notre Dame
    • Based on the accomplishments that positively impacted the Notre Dame High School Community
  • Special Contribution/Special Considerations

    • Based on the individual's contribution, dedication and support, or improvement to the athletic programs and the environment at Notre Dame
    • Any Notre Dame graduate who achieved athletic success at a higher level (i.e., college, Olympics, etc.)

Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

List of 10 items.

  • 2020

    Korinne Campbell
    Class of 2006
    Dave DeCamp
    Class of 2008
    Todd Henderson
    Class of 1999
    Nancy Hines Donigan
    Class of 1983
    Noel Harrison
    Class of 1997
    Blaise Lezynski
    Class of 2011
    Ed Moran
    Class of 1999
    Lauren Primerano
    Class of 1998
    Joe Wyers
    Class of 1965
    (in memoriam)
    John Archer
    Special Contributor
    Robert Wood

    1987 Baseball Team
  • 2018

    Bart Carr '63
    John Castaldo '78
    Kevin Connolly '71
    Lou Cortina '75
    Julian Diaz '08
    Elizabeth Dovgala '79 Lanzoni
    Colleen Flynn '84 Pirrmann
    Lynn Massimi '80 Fiori
    Sharon Mitchell '79
    Melanie Nosal '84 Samuels
    Andrew Roberto '08
    Brian Siemann '08
    Diane Wargo
    1960 Boys Basketball Team
    1961 Boys Basketball Team
    1960 Boys Soccer Team
    1961 Boys Soccer Team
  • 2016

    Harold Adams ‘85
    Bob Bottoni ’73 (in memoriam)
    Amy Cooke ’95 Vannozzi
    Mike Grant ‘04
    Joe Hubal ‘71
    Kristen Mahon ’07 Lewis
    Cheryl Nerwinski ’82 Chianese
    Adam Shemansky ‘07
    Derek Shunk ‘04
    Tiquan Underwood ‘05
    Special Contributor
    Marion Wilson ’67 Doherty
    Joe McLaughlin
    1989 Football Team
    1974 Boys Soccer Team
    1975 Boys Soccer Team
  • 2014

    Michelle Brown ’82 Purvis
    John Demers ‘90
    Jay Graber ‘03
    Rich Gunnell ‘05
    Eileen McManimon ‘68
    Becky Morehart ’94 Fiasco
    Pat Ryan ‘63
    Wayne Sokolowski `66
    Bob Stemmer ‘84
    Kirsten Veale ’82 Bechtel
    Kevin Wortham ‘83
    Special Contributor
    Jim Fisher
    Henry DeSandre ’64
    Walter Porter (in memoriam)
    1990-91 Ice Hockey Team
  • 2012

    Joseph Casey ‘63
    Erica DiStefano ’98 Wright
    Nicole Kurtain ’02 Weingerd
    Sandy Mahon ’82 Terry
    E.J. Nemeth ‘01
    William Perna ‘80
    Will Place ‘72
    Thomas Roberto ‘04
    James Solarski ‘67
    Ed Stoy ‘63
    Special Contributor
    Michael Jennings
    Ann DeMille
    1990 Baseball Team
  • 2011

    Beth Ardery ’87 Fitzpatrick
    Caren Castaldo ‘77
    Michelle Dey ’89 McDonald
    James Dill ‘62
    Thomas Dolan ’75 (in memoriam)
    Joseph Drulis ‘75
    Gerard Goeke ‘73
    Gene Hayman ‘68
    Leon Hunt, Jr. ‘85
    Arthur Kearns ‘68
    Danae Stillitano ’95 Pesce
    William Tabron, Jr. ‘90
    William Wnek ‘91
    Special Contributor
    Jerry Wargo (in memoriam)
    Greg Schafer
    Sigmund Zegarski, Jr. ’73
    1992 Boys Track Team
    1994 Girls Soccer Team
  • 2010

    Michelle Campbell ‘02
    Daniel Connolly ‘86
    Sean Cooke ‘02
    Douglas Cooper ‘91
    Michael Drulis ‘68
    Michael Franko ‘72
    Amy Hutchison ’81 Murphy
    Scott Kmiec ‘90
    Alfred Macli ‘68
    Colleen McNamara ’91 Cimador
    Dave Ungrady ‘76
    Special Contributor
    John Grussler
    Gary Dambro
    William Stu Clarke (in memoriam)
    1966 Boys Soccer Team
    1967 Boys Soccer Team
    1977 Girls Basketball Team
  • 2009

    Paul Burroughs Jr. ‘89
    Norman Cook ‘72
    Robert DeSandre ‘01
    Kendra Ernst ’88 Lelie
    Robert Goeke ‘66
    Kate Hutchison ‘80
    Deirdre Mullen ’00 Mai
    Leonard Navarro ‘84
    Monica Staniec ‘97
    Richard Swieconek ‘69
    Special Contributors
    George & Jane Loh
    Anthony Genovesi
    John Simone ‘71
    1982 Girls Track Team
  • 2007

    Bryan Bowser ‘97
    Jack Cryan ’61 (in memoriam)
    Drew Fallon ‘85
    Edwin Fireall ‘78
    Carolyn Forcina ‘80
    Thomas Gavin ‘85
    Danielle Grady ‘97
    Jules “Skip” Harlicka ‘64
    Vicki Hebeler ‘79
    Jennifer Hutchinson ’96 Piotrowski
    Todd Matthews ‘98
    Diane Olech ‘77
    Brian O’Reilly ‘85
    Sonja Vaughan ’85 Bell
    Special Contributor
    Msgr. William Capik
    Athletic Moderator
    Vincent Ardery
    William “Doc” Creamer
    Joseph Wroblewski (in memoriam)
    1983 Baseball Team
    1983 Football Team
    1996 Girls Track Team
  • 2008

    Maria Del Femine ’73 Kearns
    Jim Hutchison ’87
    Tom Keefe ‘80
    Walt Kocubinski ‘69
    Phil Massenat ‘90
    Jessica Schultz ’95 Compton
    John Wagner ‘63
    Melissa Wenczel ’80 Gurick
    Charisse West ’85 Smith
    Christine Williams ‘99
    Jeremiah Wilson ‘89
    Larry Zukowski ‘70
    Ron Zukowski ‘65
    Special Contributor
    Msgr. Walter Nolan
    Athletic Moderator
    Sandy Koschek
    Barb Major
    Charles “Chappy” Moore
    Mike Perone
    1984 Boys Soccer Team
    1995 Girls Basketball Team

Athletic Hall of Fame Over the Years

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  • 2009 Honorees
Pictured above: bottom row, l. to r., Tony Genovesi, Rich "Duke" Swieconek '69, S. Kate Hutchison '80 and Jane Loh. Standing l. to r., Len Navarro '84, John Simone '71 and George Loh. Names of additional inductees not pictured are listed below.

    Athletic Hall of Fame Honorees

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