Sports Medicine

A Certified Athletic Trainer is available for all ND athletes.

Athletic Trainers are physical medicine specialists who...


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  • What happens when an athlete is injured?

    When a student-athlete is injured, he/she must report to the athletic trainer (ATC) immediately to receive proper treatment and to prevent injuries from becoming more serious. The injured athlete should see the ATC daily for his/her required treatment and will be cleared by the ATC for practices and games when the injury has resolved. The athlete may not return to play until the ATC has cleared him/her for full participation. If the athlete has seen a physician for a particular injury, he/she must provide a written note from the doctor for return to play to the ATC. The ATC will communicate with the parents about their son/daughter’s injury, and parents are welcome to contact the ATC at any time regarding progress.
  • Return to Play Protocol

    If your child is injured and has been seen by an emergency room technician, doctor, or sports injury specialist (or will be out of school or practice for any length of time due to an injury sustained at either a practice, game, or an out-of-school athletic activity) a note from that physician is needed to clear the athlete for full participation. If full clearance cannot be granted, all limitations must be listed for proper rehabilitation to take place by the ND ATC, if able. Students will not be allowed to participate in athletic activities without a doctor’s note. Under NO circumstances will a parental note suffice for return to participation.

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