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Team schedules and rosters will be available soon. 

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Online Athletic Registration

All students participating in a sport must register and complete the online athletic forms which are available via the link below. The Physical Form for the Nurse's office is the only form which must be downloaded from the Health Services page of the ND website and returned to the Nurse's Office.

Please click the link below to begin the process of completing all other forms online.

Notre Dame Coaches may not prohibit student athletes from participating in sports leagues outside of Notre Dame. They may not limit in any way a student athlete’s participation on ND teams as a result of participation on outside leagues. Notre Dame Coaches will set clear rules and consequences for missed practices and games. These rules will be reasonable and will apply to any absences. Notre Dame Coaches will also offer caring advice about balance and health. When any activity threatens academic success or physical health, it is appropriate for parents, teachers and coaches to help a student evaluate participation. Students are prohibited from attending ND open gyms or workouts for out of season ND sports without approval from the current season coaches.