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Notre Dame is more than a school; it's a community of integrity, justice, service, compassion, and respect, a place where we connect belief and action. Shaped by our Catholic faith, we instill values that prepare our students for lives of fulfillment and service to others, to make decisions with integrity, and to face challenges with strength.
One-quarter of our students come from other creeds, enriching our community and fostering mutual understanding as we build a more just society in a diverse world.

A Notre Dame education is built upon the Mercy Core Values:


We reverence the dignity of all persons and all life as gifts of God and strive to promote community in our world.


We believe that fidelity to moral principles, honesty and sincerity are the basis of trustworthiness in all encounters.


We believe ordering of right relationships with all persons and all creation is fundamental to our advocacy for structures that protect the vulnerable.


We embrace the joys and sorrows of others to whom and with whom we minister and are moved to action in solidarity with the human community.


We joyfully extend our energy and resources on behalf of the poor, sick and underprivileged working to relieve misery and address its causes where possible.


Underclassmen Spirituality Days

Underclassmen experience a day of reflection, prayer and discussion with their fellow classmates. Each year the voluntary Agape and Caritas retreats are also offered.


Freshmen and Sophomores can take part in a fun, energizing, introspective overnight experience that is led by a team of junior facilitators. A great chance to just step back a breathe a little.


Seniors have the option to take part in Kairos, a three-day retreat, which leads them through an intense self-reflection of their lives, their relationships and choices.

Student Support

Peer support groups for students experiencing loss and stress are available through our Spectrum Program. Campus Ministers are also available every day for students who may just want to talk. When necessary other resources are suggested or provided.

Liturgy and Worship

Once a month, we make it a priority to come together as a community for Liturgy. Students are involved as singers and musicians, lectors, Eucharistic ministers and altar servers. Liturgy is also celebrated on holy days of obligation and all religious holidays. Some masses are livestreamed on the ND YouTube channel.

The seasons of Advent and Lent are celebrated with daily prayer and reflection.

Prayer and Worship

Campus Ministry clubs promote prayer, faith development, and social justice. Each day we begin with morning prayer and end our week together with prayer.


Notre Dame is also blessed to be able to provide sacramental prep for students wishing to receive baptism or confirmation. Visit the RCIA page for additional information.

Anointing of the Sick and Reconciliation are available upon request.

Campus Ministry Wing

Our Campus Ministry wing is a light and airy space that  allows for quiet reflection or conversation with classmates and Campus Ministers.  "It is such a blessing to have this new larger space. We can accommodate more students to come and rest awhile, have a cup of hot chocolate and relax with their friends,” said Kathy Maley, Campus Minister.

Meet Our Campus Ministry Team

Mrs. Tracey Reed

Assistant Administrator for Catholic Mission

Katherine Maley

Campus Minister/Faculty

Mr. Matthew Greeley

Campus Minister/Faculty

Dr. Ellieen Ingbritsen

Service Learning & Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator

Fr. Jason Parzynski


Kairos CXXII




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As a community built on love and support, the Campus Ministry office allowed me to grow into the confident and faithful person I am today. My experience with the Caritas and Kairos retreats brought me closer to my classmates, myself, and God than I previously understood was possible. Facilitating Kairos further taught me how to lead with love and empathy, and was one of the best experiences of my high school career that I will carry with me forever.

Lauren Linder ‘19