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Service Learning

Service to the Community is part of the mission of Notre Dame High School. The Service-learning program inspires students to follow the example of Jesus as they recognize the dignity of the human person. Notre Dame's Service-learning Program fosters commitment to a lifetime of giving to the local and global community. Service to others is expected and required. Students involve themselves in projects such as preparing daily meals for homeless children, visiting and befriending the elderly, sponsoring events for programs geared towards the needs of the disabled, the poor and numerous other collaborations with a wide variety of organizations. The opportunities are endless. Service at Notre Dame is a way of life, a cornerstone of the educational experience.

Honors Christian Service Course Description

Older boy helping little girl

The purpose of this course is to provide students with knowledge and experience that will help them become empathetic leaders. They will work with the junior and senior curriculum, focusing on Catholic Social Teaching, Morality and World Religions. In addition, they will research and share information about the projects they are promoting so that other students can understand why service is done for the communities that are apart of Notre Dame’s outreach. The service leaders are responsible for planning, and creating service opportunities for the greater Notre Dame community while modeling behavior of compassion and empathy. 


Dr. Ellieen Ingbritsen

Mt. Carmel Guild "Honoring Young People Who Serve" Honoree - Lauren Lencovich '21

Number of Service Hours Required by all Notre Dame Students

Grade 9        8 Hours of Service
Grade 10       12 Hours of Service
Grade 11      12 Hours of Service
Grade 12       16 Hours of Service