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By: Christina Morris, Senior Communications Intern

Isabella Dussias is an award-winning composer of Contemporary and Classic Music. The Notre Dame sophomore recently composed the music for Notre Dame’s Spirit Video. The video, which is shown to prospective families and students, highlights the multitude of academic, athletic, and performing arts opportunities here at Notre Dame.
“Composing music for the Spirit video was a lot of fun,” said Dussias. “It was a privilege to use my passion of composing music to promote the school that I love.”
The video captures classes, campus ministry activities, after school sports, rehearsals of our orchestra and Madrigal, and much more.

Isabella was able to compose various melodies that change throughout the video, to correspond with the shift between activities shown. She divided the video into different categories and decided which melodies she should use based on these groups.

“For athletics, I used melodies that were more upbeat to match with the excitement of sports games,” said Dussias. “During clips of service work, I chose to use melodies that were more emotional and that worked with the activities being shown.”

In addition to her work with this video, Isabella composed the intro and closing music that plays during morning announcements on ND TV.

To compose such music, Isabella uses software on her computer called “Logic.” She has a keyboard that can easily plug into her computer, and creates any music that she wants using this program.
Although she is only 15, Isabella has been a member of the music community for many years. She composed her first piano solo at age 11, and just three years ago, she traveled to Vienna, Austria to participate in the Golden Key Piano Competition. In 2016, she performed a piano solo at Carnegie Hall for the 2016 Key Piano Competition. Isabella was also a finalist in the 2016 and 2017 Marvin Hamlisch Film scoring competition in the youth category.

Not only is she a composer and pianist, she is also a singer and songwriter. She is a member of the Notre Dame Madrigal, Chamber Orchestra, String Ensemble and had a role in Shrek The Musical, last March.

“This is something that I definitely want to pursue in the future,” said Dussias.“I’m very grateful that Notre Dame has allowed me this unique opportunity.”

Please take a moment to watch the new spirit video, where you can hear Isabella’s composition and see all of the activities that make Notre Dame great.
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