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Laura Bedser
Laura Bedser '19

I’ve been a lover of words for as long as I can remember. This began at age two, as my parents fondly recall, when I’d ask them what every single road sign said from my child-seat in the back of the car. Early on, I discovered a love for reading, and soon after, writing.
 This hobby led to a passion, and writing is now something I plan to pursue professionally. A goal I’ve carried with me since third grade is to be a published author, and I am determined to make that dream a reality.

My name is Laura Bedser, and I’m a senior here at Notre Dame High School. In school, you might have seen me on the tennis courts, helping out at NHS events, or involved in Environmental Club. I’m also in our book club and the President of Library Ambassadors. Outside of school, I’m the Coordinator for Student Volunteers with the Mercer County Chapter of Sunshine Foundation.

I very recently committed to Lafayette College, and plan to major in English with a concentration in writing.  

The idea of studying writing feels like a daunting amount of work, but I also spend many of my spare moments writing already. I’m currently hard at work on my novel, born from an Independent Research Project I completed (with the lovely Ms. Repsik as my moderator) during Junior year.

With all of the information about me I’ve just thrown at you, you won’t be surprised when I tell you that Laura’s Book Nook will delve into topics regarding reading, writing, and words. What amazes me about the English language is that we use just twenty-six letters to communicate with each other, and yet we all create diverse narratives of deep and abstract thoughts.

I hope you enjoy my posts about the gift of language and stories we share!

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Located on 100 beautiful acres in Central New Jersey, Notre Dame High School, founded in 1957, is a college preparatory school for grades 9 - 12, preparing young men and women for lives of purpose, built upon a foundation of Catholic faith, with a commitment to academics, co-curricular activities and service to others.