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Did She Cheat? Girl’s SAT Scores Flagged After Large Score Gain

Zachary Klein '20
Zachary Klein '20
Kamilah Campbell is an average teenager. She had a 3.1 GPA, and just like every other high schooler, took the SAT at her local high school.
The Miami Gardens, Florida resident was not satisfied with her 900 on her first try, so she hired a tutor, took online classes, and even ordered a copy of the SAT book from the Princeton Review.

She sat for the October SAT, but instead of getting her scores, Campbell received a letter from The College Board.

"We are writing to you because based on a preliminary review, there appears to be substantial evidence that your scores ... are invalid," it said. "Our preliminary concerns are based on substantial agreement between your answers on one or more scored sections of the test and those of other test takers. The anomalies noted above raise concerns about the validity of your scores." Basically, it said she cheated.

But the teen denies cheating on this test, and believes it was flagged because of the 330 point improvement from her previous sitting. College Board spokesperson Zach Goldberg said that score gains are always celebrated, however.

So, Campbell has taken action and has hired famous civil rights attorney Ben Crump to defend her. He is demanding that The College Board makes her score valid in time for her to apply to the Florida State dance program as she dreamed.

"Instead of celebrating her and celebrating her achievement they are trying to assassinate her character, and we won't stand for that," Crump said.

The College Board could be indicted on counts of racism if Campbell wins this case, but if they do, it will be almost certain that she used unauthorized aid during the test.


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