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Utah: The “No Drinking” State

Zachary Klein '20
Partiers in Utah will have to be careful about how many drinks they consume before driving home.
That’s because the state reduced its legal blood-alcohol content (BAC) limit to .05% on December 30, the lowest in the country, which is significantly lower than the .08% allowed in the other 49 states. However, over 100 countries have begun to enforce .05% policies, and they have seen a decrease in alcohol-related deaths.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, a .05% BAC equates to about two drinks per hour for an average woman and three for the average man.

The National Transportation and Safety Board is extremely happy with this move, because they’ve been pushing states to lower the legal limit to .05 since 2013.

This law will be strictly enforced in an attempt to lower the state’s average of 29 DUI arrests per day.


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