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Reading Is Not Pretentious

Laura Bedser '19

Everybody has a hobby. No one hobby is better than the other; us humans are just doing activities we enjoy. 
The hobby of reading has a negative sterotype tied to it. Reading is not pretentious, and while some lovers of classics may be impressed with their knowledge of literature, that’s not a representation of everyone who likes to read. 

I enjoy reading, but I definitely don’t read because I think I’m better or more intelligent, as the reader sterotype presents. What I love about every book is that a community of people exists behind it who shares a love for the messages, characters, and writing.

As someone who desperately wants to be a published author, I also appreciate the career aspect of each book. Behind each book is someone’s blood, sweat, and tears. They had a network of support, editors, friends, and agents who helped make their writing into a living thing.

Every book is personal to its author, and they are sharing their words with anyone who wants to read them. The author isn’t trying to impress, they’re sharing a piece of themselves. Similarly, the reader is just hoping to experience a new or familiar perspective. 

I have a friend who jokes that she’s illiterate, as she doesn’t enjoy reading, and I have no plans to ‘convert’ her. into a reader Her hobby is pastry making. Much like I’m going to school at Lafayette to be a writer, she’s chasing her passion and going to the Culinary Institute of America.

We support and appreciate other’s unique passion without judgement, because while our hobbies are different, we are the same in our drive to create.

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