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Zachary Klein '20
Imagine eating Burger King for once a week for the rest of your life. One Oregon man has demanded this  because he was locked in a bathroom at the chain’s Wood Village, OR location.
Fifty-year-old Curtis Brooner thought the fast-food giant agreed to a $9,026.16 settlement, enough for a one meal a week for 22 years, but the chain has backed down from its promise.

Brooner now claims that the Burger King corporation was negligent and breached their agreement.

The story started back on December 15, when Brooner used the bathroom after eating his meal. Once he was finished, getting out proved to be difficult.

"After repeatedly pulling hard on the door handle without success, Mr. Brooner took out his phone and called the Burger King number listed on his receipt," the lawsuit, filed in Multnomah County on January 1, states. "Burger King employees repeatedly tried pushing on the bathroom door but were unable to open it."

Employees tried to help by slipping a flyswatter underneath the door in an attempt to slash the metal object blocking the door. However, things only got worse for Brooner because he cut his hand while attempting to do so.

"Mr. Brooner could hear Burger King employees and customers laughing while he remained locked inside its bathroom for well over an hour before a locksmith finally came and broke him out,” the lawsuit continues on to say.

After an hour a local locksmith arrived, and he was set free from the bathroom. It was then when the staff offered him “free Burger King meals for life”. The franchised location honored this, providing two free meals in the days that followed. However, BK corporate argued that “no enforceable agreement was reached” and they did not have to honor it.

This case will go on, and lawyer Michael Fuller told ABC News that "A deal is a deal." No comment has been made from the company.

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