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Another Example of Why to “Think Before You Send”

Zachary Klein '20
Teenagers do things without thinking all the time, especially on social media. This lack of thinking has caused one teenager from Hopewell Valley Central High School to end up in family court.
The sixteen-year-old junior was charged with repeatedly sending racially explicit Snapchats to a group of friends, including an African-American student. The messages joked about lynching and also called the student a “monkey”.

The teen was officially charged on December 20, but he was withheld by police because he is underage, but will appear in family court soon. He was later suspended by the school district.

“I think that charging him was the proper thing to do,” said the student’s father. “The act was a thoughtless act. I’m not wishing nothing on him other than that he be accountable for his actions. I’m not that heinous or malicious or vicious. But I do want him to learn his lesson.”

The student has previously told his parents about an incident in which a student told him to “pick cotton for me”.

The e-mail sent out by Hopewell superintendent is pictured below. This is not the first time the district has had issues with racial slurs, as in 2017, they were charged with serving stereotypical foods during Black History Month.
So be careful before sending that Snapchat next time as to how it will be viewed on the other end.

For safety reasons, names and pictures of the students have been left out of this article.

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