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ND Grad Lives a Musical Life

Thomas Weaverling '23
by Thomas Weaverling '23
“I was singing before I could talk, and I just kept it going, because it’s [singing] expression and it’s also physically engaging. It’s actually kind of meditative because if you think about breathing out really slowly, that’s what singing is.” 
On a recent trip back to New Jersey to fundraise for the release of her new five song EP, Nashville artist and Notre Dame alum Alex Dovgala-Carr explains her passion for singing.
Alex grew up in New Jersey and graduated from NDHS in 2013. She participated in the performing arts all throughout her high school career, catering to her passion of music. "I lived in the Performing Arts Department. I did everything I could possibly do - I was the treasurer and in the dance class every year, in Madrigal, and band, we went to Disney and did the musicals. I even did a few Spring and Fall shows."
Alex has had a plan to pursue her dream career in Nashville since the start. When choosing between colleges it came down to Temple University in Philadelphia or Belmont University in Nashville.  "When I was choosing a college it was between Temple, near my family, and I’d major  music therapy, which is a more stable choice of a job than performing, or Belmont in Nashville which offers commercial performance - which is pop music and what I wanted to do. I ended up not going with that choice, but promising myself I would move down to Nashville anyway."
Although known for its country atmosphere, Alex says Nashville is one of the best places to grow in the music industry. Nashville is a place for small music artists, like Alex Noelle, to grow and ignite their passion for music. Alex now considers Nashville to be a sentimental home.  "It is music city, I know it is very country based, not as much anymore. Based on what I’ve heard and felt, it’s the best place to grow, it’s kind of a precedent in the music industry to lift each other up to success. Nashville is a great place to grow but I will end up moving away to bring my genre elsewhere."
Alex Noelle does it all. She is a singer, songwriter and even plays the guitar and piano. She has a love for music, and a dream she hopes will become a reality. She is devoted to her passion and is living a very musical life, in a very musical city. 

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