Notre Dame
High School

Lawrenceville, NJ

Fall Internship Symposium

By Grace O’Donnell, Senior Communications Intern

In Latin, the word “experior” means to do, try, or experience. The Experior Program at Notre Dame offers students the opportunity to continue learning outside of a traditional classroom setting, through Senior Internships and Independent Research Projects.
Throughout the Fall Semester, 17 seniors took internships both inside and outside of Notre Dame in order to enhance their educational experience. The Senior Fall Internship Program culminated with a Breakfast Symposium on February 10. 

During the symposium, each student presented a poster board they had made as a visual representation of their responsibilities within the internship. At this time students explained to parents, teachers, and staff what their responsibilities were and challenges they may have faced during this unique learning experience. 

After the presentations, the interns participated in a question and answer session led by the Experior Program Coordinator, Mr. James Gibilisco. He asked interns questions that specifically related to their job site, and asked students how this experience will prepare them for their future. The program was then opened to the audience consisting of mentors, administrators, and family members in attendance. 

Notre Dame would like to congratulate all the seniors who took part in the Internship Program and the mentors who guided them along the way.

Dominick Brown- Law Firm
Dinamarie DiLissio- Air Conditioning Office
Sydney Drake- Eye Doctor
Paige Foerter- Campus Ministry
Sara Furtak- Communications
Jack Govan- Broadcasting
Paige Hymen- Medical Office/Rehab
Emma McKeon- Admissions
Zara Nelson- Medical Office
Jennifer Pribila- OLS teaching
Maia Ramos- Communications
Anna Sarubbi- Advancement
Kate Sarubbi- Athletic Training
Teresa Sarubbi- Leprechaun Shop/Advancement
Mia Taylor- Medical Hospital
Emelia Bercaw- Advancement
Nico Valerio- Science Department

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