Students Complete Over 35,000 Hours of Service

Mrs. Maley
See the Face of God in Everyone

Service at Notre Dame enables students to engage in transformative community service and service-learning experiences. These experiences provide an outlet for them to use their voice, skills, and critical thinking to affect positive change in their communities and the world. Every student at Notre Dame actively engages in different forms of service throughout their four years. Throughout COVID-19 we know of many projects students did on their own and we saw in action how no act of kindness is too small and can make a great difference. 
This year's second semester Honors Service Classes overcame many challenges during the quarantine. When we left school so quickly and unexpectedly many of the students' service projects were in full swing and could not be completed due to the stay at home order. There was an Easter Basket Drive in which the community donated generously that was complete except to assemble the baskets. Due to restrictions, the baskets could not be distributed, but all candy and food items that were donated to the Rise Food Pantry, yet it was not the same as the direct contact the students would have had if they were able to hand-deliver the completed baskets.

Yet, in true Notre Dame fashion, the students rose to the occasion and creatively came up with projects that made an impact and touched people's lives at a time when we were not sure what was needed, how to provide it and how to get the community involved. The students had to be sure to follow CDC guidelines, and provide simple ways that the Notre Dame Community could reach out and help their neighbors, friends, families and essential workers.

Below is a list of projects that the Service Classes enabled and made available to our community at large during our time in quarantine.

Positivity Posters
Letters for Warriors (200+ to RWJ)      
Cards for Local Firefighters (400+)
Cards for Essential Workers  KNF Neuberger Inc; (providers of ventilators)
Cards for Hope (provided to local hospitals and nursing homes)
Bunny Baskets (Bethany Christian Services and Rise Food Pantry)
Cookies for Heroes (Sloan Kettering)
Project 6 Feet (chalk drawings with positive messages}
Drop off Food Drive ( Mt. Carmel Guild...it went so well they repeated it three times!)
New Beginnings Food Pantry (200+)
Officers Appreciation Cards (Local Police Stations) (200+)
Mother’s Day Cards (for workers and patients at various nursing and rehab facilities 200+)

This was just our service class and does not speak to all the students who found ways to reach out. Notre Dame completed over 35,000 hours of service this year. As you all know we lost our beloved Service Coordinator, Mrs. Graham and the fact that all the students carried on her service mission is such a beautiful way to honor her memory. She is smiling down at you all...this we are sure of.

Be proud of yourselves, Notre Dame Students. The Catholic Church proclaims that human life is sacred and that the dignity of the human person is the foundation of a moral vision for society. This belief is the foundation of all the principles of our social teachings, you have lived these beliefs out. In the words of Saint Catherine Laboure, “See the face of God in everyone.”

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