Sports at ND

Message From The Athletic Director - September 13, 2020

Dear Student-Athletes & Parents,

We made it!  Our Field Hockey and Football Teams have two practices under their belts and our other fall sports will begin on Monday.  A great deal of work has gone into making this experience happen for our Irish athletes.  In order to give us the best opportunity to stay on the fields, cooperation and teamwork between student-athletes, parents and coaches is of paramount importance.  
A schedule has been put together taking many factors into account.  We do not want all of our teams practicing at the same time as was the norm.  Our socially distanced locker rooms with a maximum capacity number would not handle the volume.  We are trying to practice in two shifts to limit the traffic on our outdoor fields.  We also want to give the student-athletes in the cohorts that are at home time to get to Notre Dame for practice.  Our game times will be a little later for those very same reasons.  Some of our students live as much as an hour from campus.  

Our coaches have been in touch with the students who have registered for sports via the ND website.  In order to participate, you must be registered and have a physical submitted to the nurse's office.  Athletic physicals per New Jersey State Law are good for one calendar year.  Due to pandemic, that law has been modified for fall season athletes only.  If the pandemic has created an obstacle in getting an appointment with your doctor, you may submit proof that a physical is scheduled.

We have pushed many of our practice times for Freshmen and JV teams back to 3:30 pm in an  effort to let the students in the cohorts that are not in school have time to arrive on campus.  However, our coaches will be running pre-practice beginning at 3:00 pm to do some skill work for those who are in school.  For those at home, if you are late or cannot make it at all, please let the coach know in advance.  No one will be penalized!  Be careful driving.  Your safety is more important.

Some parents like to watch practice, particularly football.  This year, we ask you to refrain from doing so.  Limiting the number of people on campus is very important.  However, if you have no choice and must stay for practice, wearing a mask is mandatory.  In the interest of teamwork, we are asking you to abide by the same rules as the coaches and players.  After teams are selected, we will get back to you with rules for attending games and transportation.  It is going to be a very unusual season.  

Our goal is to follow all protocols that will keep the community healthy and allow the athletes to play their season.  We can do this!  But, we must do it together!


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