Abigail Hwang '24 Wins Scholastic Key Writing Award

Senior Communications Intern Elizabeth Kelly
Notre Dame is proud to announce that freshman Abigail Hwang, received the fantastic news that she is a recipient of the Scholastic Silver Key Award for Short Story Writing. Her beautifully written short story An Influencers Burden earned the award and very prestigious national recognition.
Abigail's story quickly enthralls the reader in the first sentence “I know what you did.” The brilliant and effortlessly sporadic imagery helps the reader truly step into the story. With plot twists and cliffhangers the reader just wants more. Each scene change brings the audience deeper and deeper into the perspective of her main character Raina. As the short narrative continues her creativity and skill attract you further into the tale.

Her creativity was graded in 3 different categories. Abigail's originality, technical skill, and her ability to flourish with her own personal voice in her writing. Her skills go beyond the 3 judged categories and her talent should not go unnoticed. The effort and dedication placed into each word in the story can help the reader truly gauge what Hwang is trying to express in her narrative. In regards to Abigail's high achievement, her English teacher, Mrs. Stewart expressed that she is “Proud of Abigail and her accomplishment … and I was immediately impressed with Abigail’s commitment to her academics.” After reading Abigail's piece Stewart said “I was confident Abby would receive recognition.” Abigail enrolled in this journey towards the award on her own but made many proud along the way.

Abigail herself stated, “When writing ‘An Influencer’s Burden’, I became inspired by the Evil Queen’s jealousy of her stepdaughter from the classic fairytale of Snow White. Building off that inspiration, I built a basic blueprint of the plotline and characters.” Using the classic fairytale as a jumping-off definitely gave her story a new view on the tale. As she is a high school student, making the story modernized was also just as important as its classic side. During her writing process, Hwang said that she “incorporates a hint of mystery, sister rivalry, and a taste of the pressure modern society presents to rising media stars.” This alluring combination of modern and classic styles made her unique voice radiate to the reader.

Abigail's intelligence and ability to craft a well-written tale are clear as day. After reading her story myself I felt truly honored. Her knack for word choice and artistry shine in her work. As only a freshman we can hope to expect much more from Abigail and her distinguished talent. I will definitely be looking for her name in 10 years at Barnes and Nobles. 

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