Feel Free to ProcrastiNote with Senior Veronica Cruz's Website

Senior Communications Intern Elizabeth Kelly
Did you miss an important slideshow in class? Are you struggling with your AP Calc homework? ProcastiNote co-founder Veronica Cruz 21’ understands the needs of students today. Her independent project turned successful study buddy website has many tools to help you pass that class.
Her brilliantly crafted website ProcastiNote has notes on every subject including AP work to help students have efficient and structured notes for any class. When speaking about the website and its mission Veronica stated, “As high schoolers living in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, we realized that a lot of students must be struggling mentally and academically. We wanted to make a difference and help other students.” Her efforts to help support students in a school lifestyle that is almost exclusively online is a fantastic way to help teenagers in today's society not fall behind.  The team worked to make sure that, “ProcrastiNote is a database with everything that a COVID-19 era high schooler would need. We provide resources that help them excel, not only in high school but in life,” said Veronica. These steps towards easy access to information can help anyone looking for extra help truly succeed and not feel any lack of resources. 

The accessibility and availability that this program provides are huge. It allows students from all backgrounds to have access to strong academic resources that can help them better themselves and excel in the future. The idea of ProcastiNote is from real students who understand the need to apply themselves; they know the student market they are providing for. The authenticity of the program is truly obvious to any who uses the assets the site provides. The founders had the idea for this program when they were taking notes daily at a summer program ... a boot camp where we had to take lots of notes. With the study skills and academic methods they learned, they said, “We thought of the idea of sharing notes for our own high school courses. Thus, ProcrastiNote was born.”

With an official website out since January 16, 2021 students can use Veronica’s program to help further their own educational goals. There are also ways to get involved yourself other than using the amazing note resources. ProcastiNote is always looking for new ways to connect to other students and help them. The team is currently looking for a TikToker, a blogger, a Graphic Designer and of course more note-takers!

To follow Veronica further on this amazing educational journey of helping others you can follow ProcastiNotes Instagram page @procastinote_offical. Everyone is encouraged to use these helpful study buddies no matter if your academic status. So sit back and study up students! Great work Veronica!

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