Bella Vilarelle 24’ Skates Across the Country

Senior Communications Intern Elizabeth Kelly
From hometown ice rinks to Rockefeller Center, Isabella Vilarelle ‘24 does it all. Her skating career started at the young age of six and she has been on a journey full of hard work and dedication since.
Isabella was mesmerized by the sport after seeing skaters at Rockefeller Center at the age of three. She began skating 3 years later and has competed for the past 10 years. Isabella is a recognized skater in USFSA (United States Figure Skating Association.) Participating at this level has taken Bella to competitions across the country from Lake Placid to Tampa. In Colorado Springs, Isabella competed as a solo ice dancer In 2017. She took a silver medal for ice dance in the Eastern Region at Nationals. She also brought home multiple gold medals after competing in National Championships. 

Despite recent COVID-19 restrictions, Bella recently had the amazing opportunity to perform in New York City and at the Bryant Park outdoor figure skating rink in a show sponsored by American Ice Theater and Diversity On Ice. When reflecting on the opportunities Bella stated, “I am happy to be performing again … to just get out, have fun, and skate.” 

Bella is also a member of a synchronized figure skating team called Skyliners, a New York/Connecticut-based team of more than 200 members who skate from Beginner to Senior lines at the Regional, National, and International levels. Their highest level skaters represent the team as a part of Team USA in large abroad competitions. 

Bella works hard to be the best she can by doing her own conditioning off the ice, such as muscle endurance training, strength training, cardio stamina training, and lots and lots of stretching. Along with the hard work of physical training, she also takes care of her equipment by making sure her skates are sharpened and free from rust and making sure the boots are properly aligned. She ccessorizes all her own competition dresses by "bedazzling" them by hand to add extra flair.
As she continues to grow in the sport, she states that her favorite part is the friendships she has made along the way. Bella says, “I am also grateful for my parents. For their tireless support and encouragement in my journey these past 11 years.” as well as the “.... friendships and the connections that I have made with such amazing people in this sport.” 
Bella is an active member of the ND community. She is a part of many clubs as well as taking honors classes. The Notre Dame family looks forward to seeing even more of Bella’s fantastic talent in the coming years.

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