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Semester Ends with Student Projects    

Semester Ends with Student Projects    

A semester of learning culminated in final projects presented by Notre Dame students. Mrs. Guy's Physical Computing and Robotics Class held a Physical Computing Showcase, Mrs. Houghton's Entrepreneurship Class held a grand opening for student-created businesses, Dr. Ingbritsen's Honors 4 Religion/Service Class experienced a Passover Seder meal and Ms. Wargo's Acting Class presented 30 Minutes of Chaos. Very impressive work by all our students. Read more below.

Grand Opening for the Entrepreneurship Class Businesses

Ms. Deb Houghton’s Entrepreneurship class presented their businesses to peers and teachers. This year the businesses were: Twas the Night Before … (Seasonal Food Truck), Los Pollos Hermanos (Best Chicken Restaurant) and Palm Surf Shop (Jersey Shore Beach Store).

Their presentations included mission statements, business plans and video advertisements. Students completed the business plans with help from The Teen Entrepreneur. They analyzed their pricing and showed off their business’ logos and taglines. Teachers and students had the opportunity to question their loyalty programs and marvel at their creativity. Prototypes and samples were on display for all to enjoy.

Congratulations to Cameron Burek, Nicholas Csillan, Nicholas DiPalma, Keira Fitzpatrick, Bianca Mandreucci, Michael O'Keefe, Robert Trip Pisano and Conner Sheridan on a job well done! Special congratulations to Los Pollos Hermanos for winning Best Business, as voted on by attendees.

ND Physical Computing and Robotics Class Showcase

Students demonstrated their capstone projects completed in Mrs. Claudette Guy’s Physical Computing and Robotics class to parents and guests at Thursday Night’s Student Showcase. Students and faculty members were invited in the morning for a preview. The capstone projects were a pinnacle of what students have learned in the class this semester about sensors, microprocessors, and output devices.

They prototyped automatic watering devices, robot candy dispensers that don't fall off tables, motion detectors and security systems, and a student-driven attendance system! Very impressive work from all the students!
Acting II Class

Ms. Diane Wargo’s Acting II Class presented 30 Minutes of Chaos for their final project.
The performances starred Acting Class students Rebecca Method, Jake Reinstein, Mia Rosati and Delaney Zeidman under the direction of Ms. Wargo.

Performances Included:

“The Play that Goes Wrong" (2012) Monologue - Jake

The Spin Chair Duet - Jake and Delaney  "Romantic Flight” from HTTYDragon

Little Women (2019) Monologue - Rebecca

Poisoned Love  Original Work - Based on The Book Thief - Delaney, Mia, Rebecca

The Space Between Chair Duet - Mia and Rebecca "Sparks” by Coldplay

Goonies (1985) Monologue - Delaney

Crystal Conch Original Work - Based on Lord of the Flies- ALL

Ride Monologue (2012) - Mia

The Whisperer Chair Trio  - Mia, Rebecca, Delaney "Better than Revenge Instrumental by Taylor Swift"

"He's Coming Home" Original Monologue - Rebecca

Mom's New Boyfriend Structured Improv -  Jake and Rebecca

"Fear of Spheres" One Act Play (2008) - All

Ferris Bueller Monologue (1986)- Delaney

Seder Dinner

Dr. Ellie Ingbritsen’s Honors 4 Religion/Service class marked their last class by experiencing a Passover Seder meal. This celebration ended the study of Judaism and the acknowledgment of their journey from Notre Dame High School to new horizons. 

Mrs. Carrie Zeidman, the parent of Delaney Zeidman, helped to share the Seder, explaining the tradition and meaning of the ceremonial feast which marks the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Passover.

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