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Students Awarded at Philadelphia Model UN 2022

Philadelphia Model UN 2022 was centered on the theme of unity. It was specifically focused on exploring unity in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. Delegates served on various committees representing countries from around the world and were challenged to find solutions for unification, not only within the MENA, but throughout the entire global community.

At the end of the conference, standout delegates receive awards based on their collaboration, participation, and leadership. This year we won 4 individual awards and they brought home the team award for overall Best Delegate, the highest award given to a team.

We brought 11 students this year and they served on the following committees, representing the countries listed. Congratulations to the entire team and their moderators, Mrs. Wroblewski, Mrs. Bannon and Ms. Ashe.


United Nations Human Rights Council
Maxx Simeon ‘22 – United Kingdom (Best Delegate Award)
Ben Kuran ‘22 – Morocco
Jenny Miller ‘22 – Greece
Melissa Raymond ‘22 – United Arab Emirates

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Abby Guenther ‘22 – Morocco (Best Delegate Award)
Jimmy Burrows ’22 – Greece (Most Improved Award)
Luke Wilson ’22 – United Kingdom (first-time attendee)

United Nations Development Programme
Raj Parikh ‘22 – Greece (Best Delegate Award)
Lyla Malloy ‘23 – United Kingdom
Brianna Graham ‘24 – United Arab Emirates 
George Walter ’23 - Morocco

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