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Teaching the Mercy Core Values

As we near the end of Catholic Schools Week, we take a look inside a classroom to see how our teachers incorporate our Catholic Identity and the Notre Dame Mercy Core Values into everyday instruction. Students in Mrs. Claudette Guy’s Computer Science and Web Design classes created posters to share their thoughts on how our Core values could guide their technology usage.

In the first part of this lesson, students individually reflected on a technology they use frequently such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok or Snapchat. After completing their personal reflections, the whole class reviewed the Notre Dame Mercy Core Values of Respect, Integrity, Justice, Compassion and Service.

They focused on keywords and phrases that could guide their technology usage, such as community, honesty, advocacy and relationships. Students then broke into pairs to create guidelines for younger students on how to maintain their Catholic Identity as they join new apps and begin their journey in the “virtual” world.

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