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Congratulations to our 2021-22 Teachers and Staff Member of the Year

Congratulations to our 2021-22 Teachers of the Year, Mrs. Mona McCauley and Mr. Jim Treacy and Staff Member of the Year, Mr. Christian Olla '18. 

Mrs. Mona McCauley, English Department Chair, has been with Notre Dame for 2 years. Her students said she makes English class fun, interesting, and exciting; she goes out of her way to make class engaging. They described her as: fun, helpful, supportive, engaging, caring, and approachable. Mrs. McCauley creates a classroom environment that promotes open communication. She understands her students, listens to their opinions with an open mind and makes them feel heard. Students also remarked, “Her class is the highlight of my day and I feel that she has made my senior year special and enjoyable.” 

Mr. Jim Treacy will celebrate 22 years with Notre Dame next October. Mr. Treacy teaches Physical Education, is an assistant in the Weight Room and coaches both football and ice hockey. He is also a moderator for the Catholic Athletes for Christ group. Words used to describe him are: helpful, fair, genuine, kind, and funny. Mr. Treacy makes learning fun and interesting for his students. He is a beloved Notre Dame coach and an extremely dedicated teacher who cares about everyone; he often puts everyone before himself. Coach Treacy is frequently up at the crack of dawn to work with athletes in the Weight Room. He is always pleasant and has kind words for everyone he passes in the hall.

Mr. Christian Olla has been employed at Notre Dame since 2020 but he also graduated from ND in 2018. So he has been a member of the ND family for over 6 years. Mr. Olla is a team member in the ND Technology Department. In his role, he works with faculty and staff on technology problems and issues on a daily basis. Words used to describe Christian were: positive, helpful, respectful, pleasant, considerate, hard-working and accommodating. He manages his job responsibilities effectively and conscientiously; always quick to respond to problems, solving them and following through. Christian’s knowledge base is expansive and he explains complex issues with grace and in terms that are understandable. He is a great asset to the Technology team and well-deserving of this honor!

Mrs. Palazza's Restaurant Project

Mrs. Palazzo’s Honors US II class was given the opportunity to re-create a restaurant that could have existed during the Depression era of US History.

Hoops For Hope 2022

The Notre Dame gymnasium was filled with life, laughter, and cheer on Wednesday, April 27. This year marked the 4th Hoops for Hope after a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19, and the ND students showed their excitement to have it back.