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Luke Foley '23 Guided By His Catholic Education

Luke Foley '23 Guided By His Catholic Education

By: Elizabeth Holland, Senior Communications Intern

Luke Foley ‘23 has a deep understanding and appreciation of Catholic values, including compassion, humility, and dedication to serving others that have been introduced to him through his many years of Catholic education. These values have shaped his character, influencing his actions in the classroom and on the playing field.

Luke went to St. Paul's School in Princeton, NJ from kindergarten to 8th grade. He can’t imagine his life without faith built into his education, “Faith means the world to me ...It’s that Catholic faith – not only the faith with religion but also the Catholic community ..." Luke has 3 siblings who attend Catholic school as well. His Mom, Molly Foley, tells us, “My husband George and I chose a Catholic school education for our 4 children because of the strong sense of community that provides a foundation of security and faith for each of them. This choice also helps to reinforce that our children will be taught the same values that we wish to instill in them at home – have respect for every person, follow the Golden Rule and treat others as you would want to be treated, and live as Jesus did to help those in need.”

Academically, Luke has excelled in his high school career, maintaining a rigorous course load while achieving high grades. Luke has taken Honors and AP classes throughout his past 4 years at Notre Dame. As a member of the Notre Dame National Honors Society, Luke is committed to his studies, recognizing that a strong academic foundation is essential for his future success. Luke has been on the Honor Roll of Distinction seven times and has received class awards in Public Speaking and English. 

The emphasis on bringing faith into core classes outside a religion class is what makes Notre Dame High School stand out from other private schools in the area. It is one of the reasons the Foleys chose Catholic education for their children. “We appreciate how Catholic schools are committed to academic excellence and define this beyond books but rather incorporate spirituality and community service into every aspect of the curriculum,” stated Mrs. Foley. 

While maintaining his high academic standing, Luke also became a star athlete at Notre Dame. A 2-sport athlete, Luke is a stand-out player on ND's varsity baseball and basketball teams, demonstrating skills and leadership on the field. “Academics is always my number one priority. A person only plays sports for a third of their life, so I enjoy sports while I can but always prioritize school since my education the rest of my life,” Luke explained. 

Despite his busy schedule, Luke always finds time to give back to the community. He loves that Notre Dame puts an emphasis on service. He has participated in service projects both in school and locally, working to help those in need and spreading the message of Catholicism. His other extracurricular activities include Campus Ministry,  Catholic Athletes for Christ, Peer Leadership, and Luke is Student Government Vice President of the 2022-2023 school year.

As Luke prepares for college, he continues to prioritize his faith, academics, and athletics. He recognizes that his success is due to his dedication to all three areas, and is committed to continuing this approach in college. 

Luke will be attending Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania where he will continue his athletic career in Division 3 Baseball. Although not a Catholic College, Luke wants to continue to spread his faith through the catholic values instilled and being his best self on a daily. He is eager to continue serving his community, recognizing that the lessons learned through service will help shape him into a more compassionate and dedicated person.

As he moves forward in his journey toward college, Luke will undoubtedly continue to inspire and motivate those around him to live a life dedicated to faith, values, and principles. 

The Notre Dame Community congratulates him on all his accomplishments and is excited to see his path moving forward. We are excited to see what he will do in the future!  

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