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Mr. Jason Patton '01 Receives Yearbook Dedication

Mr. Jason Patton '01 Receives Yearbook Dedication

Notre Dame students have chosen that the 2022-23 yearbook be dedicated to Mr. Jason Patton.

A 2001 Notre Dame graduate, Mr. Patton has been a dedicated faculty member, in the Social Studies Department, at ND for 17 years. Throughout these years he has positively impacted the lives of many students, parents, faculty and staff. 

Representing the Class of 2023, Delaney Stahl gave the presentation speech for Mr. Patton. She spoke for the whole class when she said, "Over the past 17 years at ND, Mr. Patton has made it his mission to create hardworking, well-rounded students. He is one of the most caring teachers at Notre Dame, constantly raising the bar for his students and pushing them to do their very best on each and every assignment."  She concluded by saying, “For the Notre Dame Class of 2023, Mr. Patton truly exemplifies everything it means to be an incredible teacher, and we can’t thank him enough.” 

It is notable to mention that the Patton family has been a part of the Notre Dame community for some time. Mr. Ed Patton, Jason's father, a former faculty member also in the Social Studies Department, retired in 2019 with 15 years of service and can still be seen in the building as a substitute teacher. Jason's brother, Colin, is a 2014 graduate. Proof that Notre Dame is truly a family!

We offer our congratulations to Mr. Jason Patton on this well deserved recognition. Thank you for your dedicated service to our school.

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