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2nd Annual ND Cultural Fair

2nd Annual ND Cultural Fair

By: Lacey Okamura, Senior Communications Intern

Notre Dame students and faculty had the opportunity to share and explore different cultures on Wednesday, April 26 at the 2nd Annual Cultural Fair. The event was hosted by the SHADES Club members, who worked alongside the Asian, Italian-American, Irish-American, French, Spanish, and Sign Language Clubs. Students in these organizations manned tables featuring food, games, and activities from various cultures. They also provided information about the countries or regions of the world they were representing. 

Thank you to all of the students who participated in this event to celebrate the diverse and rich cultures represented in the Notre Dame student body!


Notre Dame Spring Arts Festival

The Notre Dame High School Performing and Visual Arts Department hosted its Annual Spring Arts Festival on Thursday, May 25.

Candle Rose Ceremony 2023

As we approach the end of the school year, Notre Dame acknowledges the changing of student-held leadership positions with our annual Candle Rose Ceremony.

eSports is Coming to Notre Dame!

We are excited to announce eSports has made its way to Notre Dame! With 60+ students showing up to the first meeting, the team promises to be very successful.