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Notre Dame Performing Arts Presents Big Fish

Notre Dame Performing Arts Presents Big Fish

By: Lacey Okamura, Senior Communications Intern

Congratulations to the directors, cast and crew of our Spring Production, Big Fish. The show opened to rave reviews on Thursday, April 27 and all of the performances have sold out! 

Big Fish follows the story of Edward Bloom, whose son William Bloom travels to stay with him because his father has become ill. William has a strained relationship with Edward because his father always told exaggerated stories about his life, and William does not believe he told the truth. Edward continues to recount these fantastical anecdotes even on his deathbed. When William, who is a journalist, starts to investigate his father’s tales, he begins to understand the man and his penchant for storytelling. 

“​​Big Fish reminds us of the importance of growing relationships with the people we meet along the journey of life. There are so many lessons to learn in this evening of beautiful storytelling, but most importantly ‘be the hero of your story and the world will be yours!’” 
                                                                                                                   ~ Diane Wargo, Director

Enjoy photos from the performance in our Photo Gallery.

Cast List
Edward Bloom - Tobias Urban                
Will Bloom - Christian Ellwood
Sandra Templeton Bloom - Stevie Bowden        
Josephine Bloom - Delaney Stahl
Jenny Hill - Lauren Wargo                    
Karl, the Giant - George Lobis
Amos/ The General - Nick Torres                
Young Will - Hailey Suschke
Witch - Sydney Wiltshire                    
Don Price - Michael O’Keefe
The Mermaid - Jessie Tesi                     
Zacky Price - Rebecca Method
Dr. Bennett - Jake Reinstein                
Fisherman - Liliana Hindy
Mayor -  Kaylee Cordwell                    
Red Fang - Christian Ellwood        
Dance Captains:  Jessie Tesi, Liliana Hindy
Dancers - *Chelsea Deutsch, *Kara Lushbough, Samantha Shearer, *Nick Torres, Rebecca G, *Delaney S, *Catey Goodwin *Tappers + Christian, Stevie, Sydney        
Ensemble - Rebecca Guglielmo, Gabby Pie, Catey Goodwin, Delaney Zeidman, Keihrah Boyer, Elizabeth Italia, Rebecca Method, Taylor Mayer, Olivia Blount, William Black, Ryan Veranese, Hannah McGowan, and the Dancers!

Stage Manager: Sasha Salins 
Assistant Stage Managers: Olivia Troiano, Jenny Borowick, Laura Dunn
Props: Maya Benjamin,  Abigail Larkin, Laura Parrott, Meghan Starke

Big Fish Pit
Alexander Henderson - Reed II
Abby Hwang - Violin
Max Whittle - Trumpet
Sarah Cain - Cello
Zach Malus - Guitar

Director: Ms. Wargo
Musical Director: Mr. Gibilisco
Choreographer: Chelsea Wargo

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