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Differentiated Assessment

Varied Assessment

Portfolios, Projects, Presentations. Students learn differently. This is a fact of education that is constantly studied and affirmed. To meet these different needs, our teachers are encouraged to take professional development courses and workshops on differentiated assesment and to implement varied techniques in their classes. Portfolios, projects and presentations are just some of the different means teachers use in determining grades.

Block Scheduling

A modified block scheduling model is employed at Notre Dame. Most courses are held for 80 minutes (full block), but a few courses are 40 minutes (half block) in length. The longer class period allows for more laboratory work in Science classes, more creative production in Art classes, more debate in Social Studies classes, more writing and discussion in English, etc. Because of the Block Schedule, the school year at Notre Dame mirrors to a great extent the academic year at a college with classes running by semester rather than for the whole year. This has proven to prepare our students well for college study. It will be easier for students to complete the scheduling process by focusing on required elective and alternate credits that they will be taking rather than the number of courses.

At Notre Dame High School in Lawrenceville, NJ each student is known, and the results of student progress are carefully monitored. We maintain restrictions on class size, on overall teacher-student ratio to ensure individual attention and focus on effective use of technology as a learning tool.

Student Centered Learning at Notre Dame

Gone are the days of straight lecture from a podium in the front of the classroom. Teachers aim for total participation and total involvement of students in each lesson. Lessons are geared for active strategies that involve the students with each other and with the subject matter to be studied.
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