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Special Programs

Senior Course Options/Advanced Studies

College Courses for Credit

Students who are looking for an opportunity for course advancement may want to inquire about our online course offerings. Additionally, in the past few years, Notre Dame High School has worked with a number of local colleges and universities to have our student earn college credit while still attending high school. If you are interested in this type of opportunity please contact your Guidance Counselor.

Senior Professional Internship

Senior students may apply to work with a mentor in the community as a professional intern. This internship may last one semester or may extend through the entire senior year. Students receive a grade for the work that they do, and they prepare weekly reports about the training in their chosen field. At the end of the internship, students present their experience both in journal form and in front of a select panel of professionals.

Senior Project

During Senior Year, students may elect to participate in a Senior Project. This independent study is a year long research project, designed by the student and tailored to his or her interests and skills. A faculty mentor helps guide the student, and the Interdisciplinary Coordinator meets with students individually and as a group throughout the year. This project culminates in a formal presentation to a panel composed of experts in the particular subject area, faculty, administrators and students.

Senior Internships/Senior Projects

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