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ND Offers Wireless Network and BYOD

Notre Dame High School [NDHS] is committed to providing students with a comprehensive quality education that includes and incorporates the use of technology on our NJ campus. Computer systems are viewed as a tool to enhance curricular goals and achieve educational objectives. NDHS believes it is essential for students to have opportunity to experience, learn about and utilize technology as well as various types of software in order to be more successful in serving God, their families, and others in everyday society.

Learning opportunities and educational benefit is provided to students and staff through:
  • Wireless environment throughout the campus
  • BYOD - Bring Your Own Device - for use throughout the school day and after classes
  • Media Center, which offers online databases for science, mathematics and humanities research
  • Integrated website with student grading, teacher webpages with online assignments
  • Google Apps for Education accounts - collaborative and communicative activities 

For more information about Technology Initiatives at Notre Dame High School, please contact the technology department at 609-882-7900 x166 or technology@ndnj.org

What We Offer

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  • Campus Wi-Fi

    NDHS maintains a modern, safe, robust technological environment capable of supporting present and anticipated future needs. The school has designed, implemented and will continue to support, a wireless network accessible to a variety of devices throughout the campus. By utilizing many avenues of technology, students can thrive in the 21st century, prepare for success and achieve their goals in the competitive electronic age.
  • Internet

    Access to the tools and resources of a world-wide network and understanding when and how these tools are appropriately and effectively used are imperative in quality education. Using technology supports learning focused on real world occurrence, encourages students to acquire, evaluate and use information in new ways, promotes critical thinking and problem solving, enhances classroom experiences and enables communication, interaction and virtual visitation with all parts of the world.
    WWW Resources include:
    • ND maintained website pages for news, assignments, calendar and grades
    • Naviance course selection and college search
    • Rosetta Stone-unlimited access to language learning including 22 languages
    • Various Library databases and archives
    • Google Apps for Education account for each student
    • Textbook compliments (specific classes)
    • Membership to various applications:
      • Rosetta Stone
      • Turn-it-in.com
      • Various Wikis
      • Quiz Lab
      • Class specific text resources
      • ND Mobile Edu – www.ndnj.org
  • Computer Equipment

    NDHS campus includes 3 full classroom labs of desktop computers, 30 additional computers in the library, and 10 mobile laptop carts. The various labs and carts are used in instruction across all disciplines. Special purpose labs hosting between 5-10 units include our Physics lab, our Film Editing Lab, Music lab and Writing lab. In addition to class reservations, open lab time is available to students daily.

    All instructional rooms are equipped with a touch screen desktop, projector, video player and speakers which facilitate demonstrations of all kinds from both teacher and students.

    Users are provided personal network accounts for access to resources. School policies and best practices are explained. Students commit to abide by acceptable use policies, and act with an understanding of ethical and professional technological uses. Skills are attained through classroom projects and exposure to a variety of technology methods and applications

    The ND network contains Windows servers, Cisco switches on a fiber backbone, and FiOS internet connectivity.
  • Support Services

    ND will maintain an environment allowing all students to demonstrate proficiency with current and emerging technologies in order to effectively pursue and achieve academic excellence.  ND supports the community’s use of technology by obtaining appropriate hardware & software, providing staff development and training as well as curricular development with the help of the staff technology team.  ND is dedicated to providing dependable access and the support of appropriate technology to unlock potential and connect our community both locally and globally.

    The tech help desk is located in A-hall through the Faculty Work Room entrance. The technology office is located on A-hall, opposite the help desk between the main office and nurse's suite.
601 LAWRENCE ROAD    LAWRENCEVILLE, NJ 08648    PHONE: 609.882.7900    FAX: 609.882.5723