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Student Summer Adventures

Christina Morris, Senior Communications Intern

Members of our Notre Dame family traveled across the globe this summer and grew in both knowledge and faith.
Kaylee McEvoy and I both traveled to Spain to spend multiple weeks becoming enriched in the culture, cuisine and language of the country. Kaylee visited with Putney Student Travel, a program for students interested in language immersion, while I visited my family and friends for six weeks.

Both Kaylee and I have been passionate about Spanish since their freshman year, and agreed that spending time in Spain allowed us to strengthen our vocabulary and confidence when speaking spanish. Kaylee spoke only spanish in her program and attended lessons on grammar, history and geography.

I visited the Cathedral of St. James in Santiago de Compostela, where I attended a mass with pilgrims who had just completed a religious walk.

Seeing the pilgrims after they completed this monumental religious journey was so moving for me. I hope one day in the future I will have the opportunity to participate in this pilgrimage.

Another student who returned to ND this summer with a newfound passion for language is Senior Mia Min, who spent three weeks in Germany participating in a study abroad program. Mia lived with a host family, attended classes at a German High School and explored the historic streets of Passau.

“This experience made me feel more connected to Germany than I ever was,” said Min. “I’m really looking forward to this school year with my academics and, of course, the German Club.”

Faculty member Madame Sues and 10 of her students traveled to France this past June to visit historic sites such as the Eiffel Tower and the Palace of Versailles. In addition to exploring Paris, they also explored the Loire Valley, where they visited the beautiful Chateaux along the Loire River, Mont Saint Michel in Brittany, and the infamous beaches of Normandy. These students, including Junior Mia Taylor, were able to use the french skills that they learned in class to communicate with locals around the city.

Seniors Lauren Linder and Sara Haas, along with 20 other Notre Dame students, visited multiple cities in Alaska with Mrs. Bauch.  The trip taught them about the diverse ecosystems of Alaska, permafrost and how climate change is impacting society.

“Going to Alaska opened my eyes to the true beauty of the world around us,” said Linder. “I came back with a newfound passion to protect the Earth for future generations.”

Spending time exploring unique cultures allowed these students to come back to school more enriched and prepared for the new school year. Whether they travelled abroad or stayed close to home, this summer brought a multitude of opportunities and memories to be made for our entire Notre Dame community.

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