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ND Juniors Win Awards in Computer Science Competitions

By: Christina Morris, Senior Communications Intern

Juniors Ian Gettis and Lance Lienhard are students in Mrs. McGee’s Honors Computer Science class.
Their passion for computer science is why they attended two recent events, The College of New Jersey's local “Hack Day” and Princeton High School's “Hackathon” event. A hackathon is a 12 to 24-hour long event hosted by universities or high schools. Students work together in teams to solve coding problems and create computer programs. Students are not required to be a coder, as they can learn how to code through the event. Admission is free and attendees are provided food and time to nap since it is such a long event.

“The goal is to have fun, meet people in the field of technology and learn or improve your problem solving skills,” said Mrs. McGee, who teaches Web Design and Computer Science at ND.  

The Major League of Hacking is an organization that provides support for these student-run hackathons. They sponsored the December 1 event at TCNJ. The event was hosted by Github, a web-based service used for computer coding. The "Local Day of Hack" was a global event. Ian and Lance were one of the many teams demonstrating their skill. The boys recreated the game “Flappy Bird” by using computer graphics and other images related to computer science. Their app won “Best Hack” within the entire event at TCNJ. At the Princeton High School "Hackathon", the boys were awarded the prize of “Funniest Hack.”

Congratulations to Ian and Lance!

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