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On the Dawn of Adulthood - Get Out and Vote!

Jacob McGlinchy '18
Today, young people all across the United States are graduating college with insurmountable student loan debt. They are coming into a failing job market due to the policy choices made by previous administrations and officials. Only together can the youth of America point their country toward brighter, more vibrant, and more participatory democracy that caters to the needs of all Americans. 
With students being on the dawn of adulthood, it is important to recognize your newly acquired power and utilize it to the fullest extent.

In a country where it’s citizens are fortunate enough to elect their governing leaders, voting lies at the heart of every democratic nation. Voters, especially young people in America, must remember that there are issues on the line right now that will inevitably dictate the future of the nation, the world, and the people who populate it.
It may feel demeaning when one considers their vote amongst the millions of others that are casting for the same election, but Americans cannot lose sight of the bigger picture of turning out to vote. Voting not only dictates who will be the next elected official, but it proves as a testimony towards policy change, social spending, and the distribution of federal services. Voting paints a much clearer picture for governments on the direction citizens would like to take their country.
Young Americans are a demographic that is tragically underrepresented in the voting booth. Registering to vote is easy, honorable, and important. Simply complete a voter registration application and submit it to your local election official or MVC office.

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