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Kairos C - Ali Chapman and Anna Heuisler

Ali Chapman and Anna Heuisler
December 1-4, 2017 @ Malvern Retreat House

Kairos C #livethefourth

(1/4) This once in a lifetime experience enabled me to renew, strengthen, and create friendships. The secrets and confidentiality is what makes Kairos so powerful and meaningful. Before going on Kairos, I heard many points of views and saw how my friends were affected by this retreat. The most common piece of advice I received was “Do not go in with high expectations and keep an open mind.”. By following their advice, I was able to have a great Kairos experience. Realizing how this experience is based on how you see and handle it, it is important to enter this weekend with an open mind rather than worrying about “changing”.  
-Ali Chapman

(2/4) Breathing in the fresh air of Malvern, a number of Kairos members join together for a simple meditation. It is important to avoid the idea of Kairos being a weekend of only crying. Although tears are shed throughout the weekend, smiles and laughs are often shared. Although cell phones play a major part in our lives, being able to unplug and have no interruptions was like a breath of fresh air. Playing board games and going outside without having the sudden urge of checking my phone, filled me with happiness as it reminded me of being a kid when phones did not prevent us from living in the moment.
-Ali Chapman

(3/4)  Late night talks and snacking on Kairos often results in pictures like this one. One of the best parts of the Kairos retreat is spending quality time with your classmates without the interruption of cell phones.  On this particular night, almost every girl on Kairos C packed in to one tiny room to spend time together talking and avoiding going to sleep. You could just feel the love radiating all around the room. It’s truly a once in a lifetime experience. Fun fact about this photo: Miss Coppola had to stand on a desk to fit everyone in this picture!
-Anna Heuisler

The Kairos retreat takes place in Malvern, Pennsylvania. If you ask anyone who’s been there, they’ll most likely say that it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. Here, facilitator Libby Vernon's Kairos group is pictured saying a prayer at the grotto, one of the most special, sacred parts of any visit to Malvern. The grotto at Malvern sits atop a small hill, surrounded by trees, natural rock formations, and covered with a web of vines. It looks like a set from a movie, that’s how beautiful it is. There’s something about Malvern’s grotto that just makes you feel a little closer to God.
- Anna Heuisler

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