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Kaitlyn Wesner '18
Change. The six letter word every teenager dreads. It’s second semester and 200+ seniors walk the Notre Dame halls for the very last time. Mixed emotions run rampant: excitement, curiosity, and sadness. The future has arrived.
Making the leap from high school to college is a big one.  Students are excited to make this transition, but with the pressure of whether or not we can handle the change, the fear weighs heavy on our shoulders.

Statistics show approximately 30% of first year college students drop out. So why do so many teenagers feel pressured, what is the primary cause for this stress? Notre Dame Graduate Ben Morley, who now attends Holy Family University says about his first college semester, “socially it was amazing, academically it was a nightmare.” No matter how much Ben thought he was prepared, he truly wasn’t sure what to expect. Many first year students struggle with the heavy workload, hours of studying, and crazy time management.
For other students, the academic work is not the problem, it’s the social life that’s hard to adjust to. Notre Dame Graduate Jaya Armstead attends Texas Christian University after transferring from Arizona State her first semester.  Jaya says, “I did not do well socially. It was hard for me to really meet people.”

Most teenagers worry about fitting in and making friends.  But does high school prepare us to deal with this worry? Our college prep high school provides us a strong education and a loving environment, but like Jaya says, “it is important to speak to seniors about adjusting to the social atmosphere of college.”
High school is coming to an end for seniors and we are preparing for the next chapter. Although, we never truly know what to expect from the experience, it’s always a good reminder to stay positive and work hard, because no matter what, there will be social and academic struggles to overcome.

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Located on 100 beautiful acres in Central New Jersey, Notre Dame High School, founded in 1957, is a college preparatory school for grades 9 - 12, preparing young men and women for lives of purpose, built upon a foundation of Catholic faith, with a commitment to academics, co-curricular activities and service to others.