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  • Animee Club

    Moderator:  Mrs.Ashmen
    View various Animee movies and lead a group discussion.
    Thursdays  C108
  • Asian American and International Club

    Moderator Mrs. Ashmen
    Like asian food? Break dancing? Oragami? Kareoke? Want to learn karate? We've got it covered. We also have other things such as pen pals from Japan. Asian Club is also a place where you can learn more about Asia and its' languages. 

    Asian Club meets every first and last Monday of every month in C108, Mrs. Ashmen's room. The AAC is open to everyone! So come join and learn about yourself and the world around you! Talk to other people from other countries! You dont need to bring anything but your appetite! (oh! and any Asian food you bring is always appreciated)
  • Broadcasting Club

    Moderator: Mr. Schafer
    This club is designed to find the inner "Joe Buck" in each person.  Join up and learn to broadcast the sport of Basketball, all levels, freshmen, J.V. Varsity of both boys and girls are covered.  Join and learn to broadcast the play by play action. Jim Pirolli '15 earned many internships on the radio, you could be next.
  • Campus Ministry

    Campus Ministry is a student organization that centers on the awareness of religion and spirituality at Notre Dame. This group consists of several dedicated Juniors and Seniors who lead morning prayer, prepare and organize liturgies, serve as Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, and facilitate retreats among many other responsibilities. Each year, students volunteer to be a part of Campus Ministry at Note Dame by attending a summer retreat where the training takes place.  Moderators: Mrs. Reed and Mrs. Maley
  • Catholic Athletes for Christ (CAC)

    Moderator:  Coach McKenna, Coach Tracey
    This is a faith based group who meets every two weeks.  The meetings range from reading from the Bible, guest speakers, group discussions and work on service projects.  Two "codes" to work under:1.  It's not about me, It's not about you, It's about others.  2.  Strong Mind, Body, and Faith = Stronge Life
  • Cyber Patriot

    Dr. Bridgewater
    Cyber Patriot is the National Youth Cyber Education Program created by the USAF to inspire highschool students toward careers ibn Cybersecurity or other Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics(STEM) Disciplines, critial to our Nation' Future.  D205 Fridays after school.
  • Debate Team

    Moderator Mr. Patton
    The Debate Team is comprised of an Affirmative Team and a Negative Team.  Each year a national topic is selected for use in high school debates.  The team competes in the CVC Conference.
    Tuesday and Thursday. A208
  • Environmental Club

    Moderator Mrs. Bauch
    The club is responsible for assisting in ND's recycling efforts, maintaining ND's Energy Star Rating, helping to create a more enviornmentally sustainable and responsible ND Family.  The club serves the ND community thru a variety of service projects and activities.  K205 Tuesday Act. Per. Mtg. - Thursdays-Recycling Act. Per.
  • Erase Club

    Moderator: Mrs. Salcewicz
    ERASE:  End Radical Actions Seprating Everyone.  The club meets most Thursdays working to build bridges and bring people together, raise awareness of bullying, celebrate positive actions, and interact with children in after school programs.
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  • ETC...(Literary Magazine)

    Moderators Mr. Lobis
    ETC... is Notre Dame's art and literary magazine. We meet weekly on Wednesday's to read, discuss, and vote on poetry and prose submitted by students. To submit a piece of poetry, prose, or any other type of written or visual art, please contact Mr. Lobis.  We love new members, so please join!
  • Feminism Club

    Moderator:  Mrs. Pierucci
    This club is dedicated to raising awareness about the history of and misconceptions of feminism and gender equality.  The club will aimto educated each other and others about the issues faced (mostly)by girls and women.  The club will reach out to the community. All are welcome.
    First and Third Tuesday of each month.  A206
  • French Club

    Moderators TBA
    This club is for any student who is a francophile. The club meet 2 Tuesdays per month in C104 during Activity Period. Please reference the Club Webpage for the schedule of activities and membership.
  • German Club

    Moderator: Mrs. Koebele-Demaree
    Please refer to Club Pages posted online.  D102
  • Girls Incorporated Club

    Light, Love, Power, Presence
    Moderator Mrs. Stevenson
  • Girls Who Code Club

    Moderator:  Ms. Wright
    This clubs aims to close the gender gap in technology.  The club will provide instruction in programming, fundamental web development and design, along with mobile development. Girls will learn the hard and soft skills needed to become the technologists of tomorrow.  Meets every other Tuesday, after school, B106.
  • Grand Pals

    Moderator:  Mrs. LaRosa
    Join us every Thursday and travel a short distance to Morris Hall and bring cheer to the elderly.  The residents love young people and will look forward to becoming your PAL!
  • History Club

    Moderator: Mr. Jason Patton
    This club provides an avenue for students with a  passion for history to convene and share their interest with each other as well as the ND community.  The club will meet twice per month, hosting historical movie showings, book discussions and plan trips to historic sites in the area.  The club will also plan a service project.
  • Intramural Club

    Moderatora:  Mr. Schafer, Mr. Patton
    Intramural Club designs and implements activities for the entire student body. The activities will take place during Activity Period in the gym and on the playing fields.  Champions will be crowned and receive tee shirts.  Individuals in the club will enhance their leadership skills throughout the school year, thus enhancing their college resume.  Meeting in Balcony C and the gym.

  • Irish American Club

    Moderator: Mrs. Stueber
    The Irish people are a very social people, so the Irish American Club spends time enjoying each other's company.  We organize parties, play games, and watch Irish Television programs.  The club learns a wee bit of the Irish language and complete service projects.  Students do not have to be Irish to join the Irish American Club, all are welcome. D208 Mondays during Act. Per.  Visit our webgage.
  • Italian Club

    Moderator: Mrs. Carella, Mrs. Savarese-Ahearn
    The club meets the first and third Thursday of each month, D107, during Activity Period.  The club participates in service to the local community, i.e. Itaiian American Festival, Italian Flag raising and a Christmas Tombola Charity.  Participants also enjoy Italian food when they break bread together.
  • Justice Club

    Moderator, Mrs. Marx
    This club's goal is to bring awareness to the School community regarding the poor and the needy.  Then to live out the Corporal Works of Mercy; to feed the hungry; to give drink to the thirsty; to clothe the naked and to educate the uneducated.  Justice club does various projects throughout the year to living out these Corporal Works of Mercy.  The club meets every Friday.
  • Latin Club

    Moderator: Regina Koebele-Demaree
    Please refer to club pages posted online.
  • Math League

    Moderators: Mrs. Kopchik, Mrs. Harris Mr. Bauch
    tudents compete in a  National Competition and are prepared with practice problems prior to the test.
  • Mock Trial

    Moderator, Mrs.Palazza
    Students are given a legal case to defend and prosecute.  Students are attorneys, prosecutors and witnesses.  The Mock Trial Team scrimmages other schools, prior to the trial at the State Capitol.
  • Model Congress

  • Model UN

    Moderators, Mrs. Wroblewski, Mrs. Bannon, Ms. Ashe
    tudents simulate delegates to the UN, representing various counties and committees, at 2 conferences each year.  Students debate current issues on the organization's agenda, from the perspective of their assigned country.
  • National Honor Society

    Moderators: Ms. Giampetro, Mrs. Moceri
    This is an organization which recognizes and honors students who demonstrate outstanding scholrship, character,leadership, and  service.  Standards for induction can be found in the Student Handbook.
  • Operation Smile Club

    Moderator:  Mrs. Ward
    Raise funds to "buy" life-changing facial reconstruction surgery for children in underdeveloped countries born with facial deformities. 

  • Patriots Club

    Moderator Coach John Mckenna
    This club honors and serves our heros, Military, Fire, Police and all First Responders.
  • Peer Leaders

    Moderators: Mrs. Graham, Mrs. Milecki
    Freshmen students apply to the Peer Leader Program which consists of a scheduled class in their Sophomore Year.  Peer Leaders attend a summer camp/workshop and assist the incoming  freshmen class with transition to high school.
  • Ping Pong Club

    Moderator-  Mr. Martini
    Come join us and learn a few skills and friendly competition, during Activity Period.
  • Robotics Club

    Moderator:  Mr. O'Byrne
    This club offers students the opportunity to learn about technology and its' application.  You can explore mechanical design ideas with Tetrix and Lego hardware, learn to code using RobotC and NXT controllers, learn to create interactive electronic objects use Arduino Uno with its open-source electronic prototyping platform, or learn to program using JAVA.  In addition, the club has a 3D printer so students can even design and print their own desktop robot using our MakerBot Replicator TM2 desktop 3D printer.
  • Science Bowl

    Moderator: Mrs. Bauch
    tudy and prepare for science competition against other schools.  Meetings are on Wednesdays, Act. Period, K205.
  • Service Leadership Club

    Moderator:  Mrs. Salcewicz
    The club meets on alternative Fridays.  Students learn leadership skills while organizing and facilitating service projects.

    Moderator Mrs. Marx
    This club meets every other Wednesday in C101, but often every Wednesday. The club plans service projects, discuss prominent African Americans and invites guest speakers.
  • Spanish Club

    Moderator:  Mrs. Ward
    The Spanish Club meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month during activity period. Our objective is to introduce Notre Dame students to Spanish culture and cuisine. This is done through a variety of activities and events. We also participate in projects and activities that serve the local Hispanic community. All are welcome to join us!

  • Spectrum

    Moderator:  Mrs. Reed
    Groups of students who have experienced a loss, meet with trained teachers to discuss their struggles or concerns.
  • Student Business Club

    Moderator:  Mrs. Moceri
    The club is involved in servicing faculty and staff in various ways.  among the business related services that club member perform are typing handouts, clooating, stuffing envelopes, preparing mailings and updating forms.  B105  Daily

  • Student Government

    Moderators:Mr.E.Patton(sr.),Mrs. Elsworth, Mrs. Blemings(jr.),Mrs. Repsik (soph.),Ms. Wargo(fr.)Miss Pilkington
    tudents campaign on grade level for class representation.  The upperclassmen are elected in the Spring and the Freshmen in September.  The Student Government sponsors school wide social events as well as grade level specific activities.
  • Take 2 Club

    Moderator: Ms. Bartuska
    Club members will assist in the smooth transition of transfer students, introducing all ND has to offer.
  • Teens Against Cruelty To Animals

    Mderator: Mrs. Salcewicz
    TACTA meets the first Tuesday of the month.  This club supports animals in shelters, makes animal treats, sponsors speakers and encouraes volunteering with animals.
  • The Voice

    Moderator:  Mrs. Bannon
    Our school newspaper may be read on line.  Give consideration to the Journalism class, in your schedule.
  • Web Journalists

    Web Journalists are students who work with the Notre Dame High School website. These students are responsible for specific Community Groups pages for organizations, Team Pages for sports and for School Announcements. The goal is to strengthen the content of the website and to keep information fresh for parents, students, teachers, and prospective families. Students update pages and provide photographs for service, sports, academics, the arts, campus ministry and clubs. Web Journalists also film events and edit the film for publication in the web Media Gallery.

    Moderator: Mrs. Rynkewicz
  • Yearbook

    Moderator: Mrs. Hubert
    Be a part of history and join the Yearbook Staff. Editors, photographers, proof readers and good writers are all welcome.  K203 Thursday and Friday.

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  • Attention All Freshman, Sophomore and Junior Peer Leaders

    Mrs. Graham
    There will be a mandatory meeting today in the auditorium for guide training for Sunday's "First Look" Open House.
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  • All Students and Parents Should Check School Messenger

    As the weather gets colder, we want to be sure that you are properly registered for our new alert system. Last evening a test message was sent to all homes at 6:00 pm. If you and your parents did not receive this message, please see Mrs. Corgan in the Tech Office or Mrs. Rynkewicz in the Communications Office.
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  • Getting Email and Text Notifications for Morning Announcements

    Mrs. Riley

    Morning Announcements are now coming to you through a NEWS category on our ND website. This will allow them to be an RSS feed. To receive Morning Announcement notifications, please go to the drop-down menu under your name upon logging into the website.

    Go to Settings/
    News Posted/
    Setup or Edit Options,
    and check the box by Morning Announcements.
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